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Treat your dog to fun with the right toys. We offer quality and proven smart toys that will keep your dog entertained for hours.


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Dog puzzle & feeder in one Twister

"Unlock, slide and reward yourself!" The TWISTER intermediate puzzle for dogs will delight…
In stock 4 pcs
33 €

Hide n' Slide Purple composite puzzle

The Dog Hide N' Seek Puzzle offers lots of fun in every game, just fill the puzzle with your pet's…
10 days
31 €

Treat Maze puzzle

TREAT MAZE is a plastic puzzle with an internal labyrinth for treats. With the help of dexterous…
10 days
19 €

Tornado Pebble Puzzle

The Tornado puzzle for action and thoughtful dogs, entertainingly banishes boredom, exercises the…
In stock 4 pcs
31 €

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