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Bird launcher

Bird launcher

Practice bird launcher are designed to simulate takeoff  of a bird. They shoot a bird or a mock-up of the exact moment when you decide to imitate bird takeoff and practice proper reaction and activity of the dog. Dog can be controlled using an electronic training collar.

Bird launcher are controlled wirelessly via remote control. You can use one, but a whole set of these tools to help you very realistically imitate the situation, thus enabling the effective training of dogs in areas where there is a shortage of game. One big advantage is throwers that can be used virtually anywhere, anytime.
Usually they come in two basic sizes: 1. smaller birds the size of a pigeon or quail 2nd bigger size pheasant
Practice throwing deploy in the area of your training and buried in the grass, or other suitable means and prepare to start (insert the birds or mock-ups, stretches ejection springs and provide a trigger). And that is all ready for training.

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