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Does your dog disturb your neighbours with his constant barking? Electronic anti-bark collars are the right solution. Choose from a range of electric anti-bark collars from world-renowned manufacturers.

What is an anti-bark collar?

The principle of an anti-bark collar is simple. Like other electronic collars, it works on the basis of several types of signals that alert the dog to inappropriate behavior. As soon as the dog starts barking or howling, the anti-bark collar activates and sends out a signal. The first time, the dog is alerted mostly by sound. If he does not obey, a vibration follows. If the barking does not stop even after this warning, an electrostatic pulse is activated to warn the dog more consistently. The pulses are adjustable according to the size and sensitivity of the dog. Anti-bark collars are supplied for the smallest, small, medium and large breeds. The advantage of the anti-bark collar is that it will reprimand a barking dog without you being present.


When to get a bark collar?

Do not hesitate to get an anti-bark collar when your dog barks, howls, whines and disturbs its surroundings. An anti-bark collar will help you to correct your dog and mend relations with your neighbours. You can choose from different types of anti-bark collars that are suitable for small and large dogs. This is a gentle technology that will become a sort of your extended hand when you leave home. You won't have to jerk if you don't find a note on the door again that your dog has disturbed the whole house with his barking for hours.


How to choose an anti-bark collar

Anti-bark collars can be selected according to several parameters. Depending on the breed, you can choose the right type of electronic collar for very small, small, medium or large dogs. It does not matter whether you have a wolfdog, malamute, chihuahua or terrier. You can choose anti-bark collars like other goods by brand. Our favorites and most frequently sold anti-bark collars include Aetertek, Petrainer and PetSafe. Last but not least, you can also choose an anti-bark collar by type of correction: sound, vibration, spray, ultrasonic or electric.

Of course, you can also choose from other different types of anti-barking devices. The most common variant are anti-bark collars, which you can use for both small and large dogs. They are designed for home use in the apartment and in the garden. Another type is the so-called anti-bark units. This is a device that simply eliminates the barking and howling of the dog in the garden and in the apartment. Last but not least, you can also get anti howling collars.


Try the anti-bark collar

Choosing the right anti-bark collar is important. Every dog is different and something different suits them. That's why we have prepared a unique offer for you! Not only will we help you choose an anti-bark collar, but you have 1 whole month to try it out! If the collar doesn't suit your dog or you, you can exchange it!


  • What is this anti-bark collar anyway?

An anti-bark collar for dogs is a modern training aid that is completely safe and by using it correctly you cannot harm the animal in any way. Anti-bark collars are popular with professional cynologists all over the world and have their supporters and detractors. The important thing is to choose the right type for the breed and learn to use it well. Any tool can become dangerous if you don't use it thoughtfully, judiciously and according to instructions. The same applies to anti-bark collars.

  • How does an anti-bark collar work?

An anti-bark collar is an electronic device that can automatically detect a dog's barking and howling. If the dog barks or howls, the collar is activated and alerts the dog, usually by sound or vibration, and if the dog does not stop barking, a correction pulse follows, which, depending on the type of collar, can be vibrating, spray, ultrasonic or, most often, electrostatic. The success rate of anti-bark collars is almost 100%, dogs are very smart and soon realize the connection between their barking and the activation of the anti-bark collar.

  • How does the anti-bark collar help me?

To prevent unwanted and excessive barking, howling or whining of the dog in the apartment, when going to work, etc.

to effectively discourage the dog from barking at people, cars, bicycles and other dogs when walking outdoors or in the garden.

or to unlearn unwanted barking or howling of your neighbours' dogs.

  • Are anti-bark collars safe?

Anti-bark collars have been investigated by the Central Commission for Animal Welfare, which stated, among other things: 'So-called anti-bark collars have undergone a rapid technical development in the last 8-10 years and have little in common with their predecessors, which used much higher electrical current and completely, or almost completely, lacked any regulatory elements. In order to protect animals and to harmonise standards, the International Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association (ECMA) was set up to look into the issue and, in addition to its own research, it also commissions studies from professional and scientific bodies. Today's modern products from reputable manufacturers associated with the ECMA fully respect animal welfare, and their use in many cases helps to replace some traditional methods of dog training which can be far less animal friendly."

  • When to start using the anti-bark collar?

Anti-bark collars are recommended for use from 6 months of age. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Choose the appropriate level of impulse (the dog should respond to the impulse, on the other hand it should not be too painful for him - whining, etc.). Collars usually offer several levels of alert (sound signal, vibration, impulse). The dog soon becomes aware of the sequence of signals, so that it is sufficient to use the sound or vibration signal. 

  • What functions do anti-bark collars offer?

The more practical functions an anti-bark collar has, the better your dog will learn. The most important and most basic functions that a collar should contain are an audible alert and an electrostatic pulse. Most of the electronic anti-bark collars sold today have these functions supplemented by vibration or other types of correction. Thus, you may encounter the following functions:

  • Sound anti-bark collars: an audible warning should always precede the use of an electric shock collar. A buzzer should precede a pulse. The dog learns very early that the unpleasant electronic impulse is preceded by an audible warning and learns to respond already to the audible signal. In practice, this is usually the most used function.
  • Vibrating anti-bark collars: usually serve as an intermediate step between the sound and the e-pulse in case the dog does not react to the sound alert. The intensity of the vibration can usually be adjusted in several levels. For vibrating collars only, this is the main function, but the effectiveness of such collars is very limited and these collars are therefore more suitable for small and mild dogs.
  • Electric anti-bark collars: This serves as a corrective pulse and is used when previous sound and vibration warnings have not helped. To be most effective, the collar should allow adjustment of the intensity of the electrostatic pulse.
  • Spray Anti-Bark Collars: This is a type of corrective signal where the correction occurs by means of a spray that is automatically sprayed on the dog's muzzle if it starts to bark or howl. This is the second most effective and painless correction method on the market.


  • For which sizes and breeds of dogs is it suitable?

A very important factor in choosing an effective anti-bark collar is the size and breed of your dog. If your dog's weight is between about 5 Kg and 50 Kg, most anti-bark collars will be effective enough for him. However, the problem with the selection comes if your dog is a mini breed or, on the other hand, an extra large breed. For small breeds, the impulse of some collars might be too strong, or the collar receiver might be completely inadequate due to its size. For large breeds, on the other hand, there is a risk that the collar will not be sufficiently effective. If your dog is in the upper weight range of the collar's usability, or if your dog belongs to breeds with a reduced pain threshold (usually fighting breeds), it is always preferable to purchase a collar where there will be a sufficient margin in performance. In crisis situations (mainly instinctive behaviour of the dog), it is necessary to take into account the use of stronger corrective corrections than in the normal use of the collar.

  • Are the collars waterproof?

Another very important feature is the water resistance of the receivers. The most common water resistance features are as follows.Waterproof: the receiver is only resistant to weather (snow, rain) Waterproof: the receiver is resistant to weather and short-term immersion. Submersible: Such receivers are also resistant to being in water and can therefore usually be used without any restrictions.

  • What kind of power does the collar use?

The power supply of the collar is a very important factor that you should not underestimate when choosing one. Especially the cheaper models of anti-bark collars are most often powered by ordinary 3V, 6V or 9V batteries. The price of these batteries ranges from 50 to 150,-CZK and it is therefore advisable to take into account the operating costs, which can be up to several hundred a year, when choosing a collar. Some anti-bark collars even use atypical batteries that are difficult to find or batteries supplied by the manufacturer, which can only be bought from the manufacturer or dealer of the collar. For this reason, we rather recommend collars that are powered by a built-in battery that you simply recharge via USB cable or from the mains.

  • Is it easy to set up the collar?

Most anti-bark collars already work fully automatically and there is no need to set anything up. Simply put the collar on your dog and you don't have to worry about anything. With some models, you have the option of adjusting the strength of the pulses or setting the sensitivity to barking when the collar is triggered.

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