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PetSafe® wireless

Invisible wireless fence PetSafe PIF-300-21 is currently the only wireless device on the market. The base transmits a signal to a distance of 27.5 meters, a dog can not leave this area. When using a plurality of base area can be indefinitely expanded. For example, you can put the base in front and behind the hut, thereby covering the entire site and not have to deal stretching and burial wire.

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Product code: P218
Warranty: 24 months
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PetSafe® wireless
473.26 €

Product description

Wireless electronic fence PetSafe PIF-300-21 is top class device that will guarantee a long-term trouble-free operation and safe for your dog. The invisible fence is designed primarily for large dogs and very resistant breeds. It can be used for almost all types of installations, even the most complex. PetSafe for large dogs has adjustable power pulse, and in 5 levels. It is the most powerful fence on the market, occupies where the other devices are inadequate. If you want to be absolutely sure that your dog will have the respect of the exclusion zone, the electronic fence PetSafe clear choice.


Zone setting

For wireless electronic fence PetSafe PIF-300-21 you set up a zone  for warning and correction of one controller on the base together. The maximum distance that can move a dog from the base is 27.5 meters (this is therefore the radius). The minimum distance is about 4 meters.


Correction type

Wireless fence PetSafe PIF-300-21 has 5 levels of electrostatic correction and audio warnings. The force impulse is suitable for larger breeds. This is the best wireless fence to the market reliably monitors your dog and let him leave the space marked out.


drát v baleníWire

Wireless fence PetSafe PIF-300-21, as the name suggests, does not need any wire. Signal is transmitted to a distance of 27.5 meters from the base in each direction.


Battery and charging

Receiver for PetSafe PIF-300-21 is powered by special batteries RFA-67, which are available from us or any dealer PetSafe. Her endurance in continuous operation is 3-6 months. It has LED indication of battery status. The base is powered from the network. We recommend that you buy a backup power supply with battery for operation during power failure - due to the fact that the interruption of the signal transmission from the base unit will activate the correction.



PetSafe PetSafe PIF-300-21 has a fully submergible receiver and its use is recommended in the rain and very humid environment. The dog with the receiver can jump into the pool and swim indefinitely. The base is not waterproof, it is recommended to place it in a dry environment. It can also be placed outside, but so that it did not rain over it.


Number of dogs

PetSafe PIF-300-21 can be used for an unlimited number of dogs. With the purchase of other collars you can simply expand.


Collar lenght

PetSafe PIF-300-21 has a very nice quality dog collar made of nylon. Collar length is adjustable from 20 to 70 cm.



The base has a width of 24 cm, height 24 cm and depth 20 cm. The receiver has a width of 6.1 cm, height 2.7 cm and depth 4.2 cm and its weight is 71 g.


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Training Fences Wireless fences

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Perimeter of the plot 172 m
Wire in the package Není m
Functions Impulse, Sound
Waterproofing Watertight
Frekvence 10.65kHz
sizes For small dogs, For big dogs, For medium dogs

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