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Patpet DB60

Patpet DB60 is a reliable and effective anti-bark collar with miniature dimensions and special short and long contact points for small and medium sized dogs from 5 kg. The collar uses increasing sound and impulse correction in 5 levels to eliminate barking and howling. Adjustable sensitivity, waterproof material, long battery life and smart technology that distinguishes dog barking from ambient noises. 

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Product code: P53250
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Patpet DB60
Patpet DB60
39.01 €

Product description

Thanks to its small size and modified contact points, the Patpet DB60 anti-bark collar is suitable for the smallest and small breeds of dogs. The collar uses a built-in microprocessor to clearly distinguish the dog's barking from surrounding sounds, without the risk of unintentional triggering by another dog or sound. The collar allows you to adjust the bark sensitivity in 5 levels, so you can determine what barking intensity is beyond your tolerance. On the first bark only a warning tone will sound, if your dog continues to bark on the remaining four occasions, after each bark a more intense sound and pulse will be applied until your pet stops barking for thirty seconds, then the anti-bark collar will automatically return to the first level. If the continuous stimulation reaches 5 levels, the collar will stop working for 30 seconds to protect your dog. The collar will withstand only light rain and is rechargeable with the included USB cable, it will last up to 7 days when fully charged. 



Bark detection 

The Patpet DB60 has adjustable bark sensitivity in five levels. If you set the bark sensitivity to high, the collar will correct the dog even at quiet barking. You can therefore determine for yourself what barking volume is already too loud. The bark sensitivity setting will make the collar compatible for most dog breeds and temperaments. The bark sensitivity also allows for correction of the dog's howling.


Correction type 

The Patpet DB60 anti-bark collar has increasing sound intensity and impulse in five levels.


1. sound correction only

2. sound + low level correction pulse

3. sound + medium level correction pulse

4. sound + high level correction pulse

5. sound + correction pulse 


Batteries and charging

The collar is equipped with a rechargeable battery and when fully charged, the device remains in its functions for 7 days. 




The Patpet DB60 dog training collar is only waterproof with an IPX5 protection rating. It can only be used in light rain, however, prolonged stays in water and diving are not possible. This makes the collar an ideal choice for basic use, but not for dog training in water. 



The collar ensures comfort for the smallest, small and medium breeds, thanks to its very small size. All adjustable functions such as detection sensitivity and rising correction offer the possibility of use for different types of dogs. 


Collar length 

Also included is a sturdy nylon collar that is adjustable and comfortable. Adjustable strap for neck circumference from 25 to 40 cm. The unit is easy to put on the collar and the collar already has the optimum width for a smooth breakthrough of the unit.


Weight and dimensions

The anti-bark collar has very small dimensions: 2.5 cm x 4 cm x 3 cm (width, height, depth) and an ergonomic shape. This will make it very easy for the puppies to wear it and get used to it more easily. The low weight of only 30 g (unit + collar + battery) ensures comfort even for smaller dog breeds.


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Training Anti-barking collars Anti-barking collars By breed For the smallest For small dogs For medium dogs According to the correction Electronic Sound By waterproofness Water resistant By brand Patpet

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Setting the sensitivity yes
Bark detection sound
Functions Impulse, Sound
Sound level 5 úrovní
Pulse level 5 úrovní
Collar length 25 - 40 cm
Waterproofing Water resistant
Power USB charging
Receiver lifetime 7 - 10 dní
Weight of the receiver 30 g
Size of the receiver 2,5 x 4 x 3 cm cm
sizes For small dogs, For medium dogs, For the smallest dogs


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