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E-collar DF-1000

Electronic fence E-collar DF-1000 from the USA is an exclusive device, that will protect your dog for many years. Suitable for  exacting dogs and owners.

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481.25 € 397.73 € without VAT
Product code: P7785
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The invisible fence is suitable for all dogs weighing from 5 kg and more. It has 30 levels of pulse strength. As soon as the dog begins to approach the restricted area, the device will activate a warning signal. If the dog continues to approach the restricted area, the sound will be followed by an impulse. Your dog will understand the connection very quickly, and the problem will disappear in few days.

E-collar DF-1000 has unique features:

  • The widest range of pulse power (30 levels)
  • To adjust the pulse force, you need to attach the collar to the base
  • Sound notifications can be turned off
  • AA backup battery
  • Special protection against excessive pulse stimulation (E-Collar generates a pulse in cycles after ten seconds, it is blocked after the fourth cycle)
  • Running protection: E-collar detects if the dog tries to run through the zone. In this case the device will give a stronger impulse.


Zone setting:

E-collar DF-1000 has the ability to turning off the warning zone (the zone where the dog warns about approaching the forbidden zone). This is a unique option that will come in handy if you want to reduce the dog's space where it can move freely. If the warning zone is turn on, it signals a border violation by using sound. The width of the zone is adjusted at the base, you can set it in the range from 30 cm to 4 m, depending on the type of installation and the length of the wire.


Correction type:

You can set one of 30 pulse levels. The pulse strength can increase or decrease at any time using the switch on the base.


drát v baleníWire:

The E-collar DF-1000 package contains 100 meters of insulated wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm, which is enough for most installations. If the wire in the package is not enough, it can be easily replaced by buying another one.


Battery and charging:

The E-collar DF-1000 receiver is powered by a 300 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery. The battery life is 4-7 years and can be replaced. The battery life is 30-60 days and the charging time is 2-4 hours. The base is powered by a network. In case of power fault, the base can be powered by 6 AA batteries for 8 hours. The base can also be powered by car batteries, in case of unavailability of the network source.



The E-collar DF-1000 has a fully submersible receiver, which can be used in rainy and very wet weather. With the receiver, the dog can jump into the pool and swim for a long time. The base has basic waterproof characteristics, and we recommend to placing it in a dry place.


Number of dogs:

E-collar DF-1000 can be used for an unlimited number of dogs. By purchasing additional collars, you can simply expand it.


Collar lenght:

E-collar DF-1000 has a very strong and quality collar. The length of the collar is adjustable from 15 to 65 cm.


Weight and dimensions:

The base has a width - 17cm, a height - 12cm and a depth - 5.4 cm. The receiver has a width - 6.2 cm, a height - 3.8 cm and a depth - 3cm, and its weight is 64 grams without a collar.



  • Fully waterproof receiver
  • Rechargeable receiver with long-life (2 months)
  • Ability to turn off the warning zone
  • 30 pulse levels
  • Durable receiver
  • Instructions



  • higher price


Package content:

  • Base
  • Power adapter base
  • Receiver
  • Nylon collar
  • USB receiver charger
  • 2 long electrodes 19 mm (for long-haired dogs)
  • 2 pcs short (13mm) electrodes
  • Neon test lamp
  • 2 pcs screws for mounting the signal generator on the wall
  • 2 pcs dowels
  • Instructions

The product is included in categories

Training Fences Electronic fences By the breed For big dogs By the brand E-Collar By the land size Fences to 2000 metres

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Perimeter of the plot 2000 m
Wire in the package Není m
Functions Impulse, Sound
Pulse level 30 úrovní
Collar length 15 - 65 cm
Waterproofing Submersible
Receiver lifetime 30 - 60 dní
Weight of the receiver 64 g
Size of the receiver 6,2 x 3,8 x 3 cm
Transmitter size 17 x 12 x 5,4 cm
sizes For big dogs, For medium dogs
Electrodes Long and short electrodes

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