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The Aetertek brand is one of the leaders among electronic collars. It has brought a whole new dimension to the market of training and anti-bark collars. Aetertek electronic collars are among the best sellers.

Aetertek collars are characterized by high quality workmanship and are equipped with three levels of alerts (audible, vibrating, electrostatic). In addition, they provide a number of features that make dog training easier and better. Last but not least, it is worth highlighting the attractive design and simple operation, which were developed in collaboration with users.

The great advantage of the Aetertek electronic collars is the wide range of options for adjusting the strength of the electrostatic pulses. This is crucial in terms of breed size and sensitivity. Aetertek training collars have up to 18 levels of pulses, which makes them suitable for use in training small, medium and large breeds. In other words, all Aetertek electronic collars are adjustable so that they can be used for different breeds and sizes of dogs.


Control and range of Aetertek collars

Breeders who train dogs in the open appreciate the long range of Aetertek collars (from 350 to 1,000 meters). The longer range of the electronic collars is suitable for training hunting or trapping dogs in the woods or other terrain - if the dog does not respond to the impulse, it is enough to use a sound, vibration or electrostatic impulse and there is no need to worry whether the collar will reach a greater distance.

The operation of Aetertek electronic collars is very intuitive and user-friendly. Each function is marked with a separate button. Therefore, you do not have to deal with complicated switching and the delay in reaction is significantly reduced, which contributes to greater safety during training.

Breeders who have acquired multiple dogs welcome the option that Aetertek collars offer as one of the few on the market. Aetertek training collars allow up to three dogs to be trained at the same time. How can there be no confusion or mix-ups? It's simple - you can distinguish the dogs with the different collar colours and easily set the control for each of the three dogs separately on the transmitter.


Material, collar charging and design

The designers and engineers of Aetertek electronic collars have taken great care in their design. The sophisticated design is not only attractive but also functional. The training collars are characterised by their ergonomic shape, which makes them easier to hold (fit in the hand). They are made of special hardened plastic, which is very resistant to mechanical damage and therefore promises a long life and protection of the electronic device in the collar.

The premium design is certainly not at the expense of the practical side of the collar. The developers of the Aetertek collar have also kept in mind the fact that time is precious. That's why they designed special chargers with dual connector, which allows (unlike competing products) to charge the transmitter and receiver at the same time. Considering the high-capacity charger, one collar is charged in a whopping 2 hours. At the same time, the transmitter can be charged for up to 14 days and the collar for 3 to 5 days.


Waterproof and splinterproof

It should be stressed that with Aetertek electronic collars you don't have to worry about contact with water. They are designed to be waterproof (waterproof receivers) - so they can be used without fear even when training in water.

As the only ones on the market, Aetertek training collars are also equipped with an automatic intelligent anti-bark mode. Thanks to this, you can easily prevent unwanted barking of your dog, about which the neighbors complain. Of course, sometimes it is desirable for the dog to bark and guard - so the function can be activated or deactivated at will.


Experience with Aetertek electronic collars

Aetertek electronic training collars have appealed to many professional breeders. They are also used for dog training by an experienced cynologist Mr. Zdeněk from Pilsen. "I have only the best experience with Aetertek collars. They make dog training very easy, they are intuitive and easy to use," he said.

He uses them for training small and larger dogs in different environments. "I especially appreciate their long range, which proves crucial for training in the woods. Equally important for me is the water resistance and the high quality of the material," he added.


Buy from a certified dealer

Our shop is a certified Aetertek dealer for the CZ and SK market. What does this mean and what benefits does it bring you?


  • 100% Quality Guarantee: goods purchased from a network of authorised retailers are guaranteed to be genuine and to have passed the initial quality control.

    Superior Service and Claims Guarantee.

    At Aetertek's network of authorized dealers, the customer can test or rent the goods for 30 days free of charge.

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