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Fountain Drinkwell Avalon

Fountain Drinkwell Avalon is a ceramic and utilizes patented free-falling stream of water that cats and dogs love. 2 liters capacity helps keep drinking regime for all pets, regardless of the size of the breed.

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Product description

Drinkwell fountain of Avalon quality ceramic system uses a patented free-falling stream of water. 2 liters capacity helps keep drinking regime for all pets, regardless of the size of the breed. Stainless Fountain Drinkwell Avalon from a reputable manufacturer Petsafe helps keep drinking regime of your pets. Its size and design Drinkwell Avalon is suitable for all dogs regardless of their breed, running water is also fancied by cats. This fountain has a very quiet operation and offers your pet is always fresh and clean water. Many veterinarians recommend the use of fountains, because it may reduce the risk of creating a urinary sand and stones! Preferably the fountain is built reservoir and the filter, which prevents the particles such as hair or debris from entering the feed pump and also deprives water malodour. The new design and the use of high-quality pump is the fountain Drinkwell Avalon almost noiseless.



Why is fresh, running water so important?
Research has shown that one of the best ways to improve the health of the animals are drinking large quantities of clean water which fountains Drinkwell® making possible. Using patented free-falling water fountains constantly oxygenate the water. Filter charcoal removes water from any odor and bad taste and thus encourages pet to drink large amounts of clean, fresh water.


Basic information and characteristics:

  • waterfall as from tap
  • Infinitely adjustable water flow
  • with a carbon filter for fresh clean water
  • 4 interchangeable attachments for individual adjustment of water flow
  • ramp reduces splash of water
  • almost noiseless inflict pump
  • 2 litres capacity
  • weak current system 12V


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Pet Supplies Bowls, fountains and dispensers Fontány Fountains Podle značky By breed For small dogs For medium dogs For big dogs For cats By brand Drinkwell Pets Bowls

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Type Works only when plugged into the network
Water capacity 2 l
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs

Additional information


  • Suitable for all dogs and cats
  • increased drinking regime
  • activated carbon purifies the water from impurities
  • simple wiring and maintenance
  • volume of water 2 liters


  • none

 Package content

  • Fountain
  • Adapter
  • Filters
  • Manual

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