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Tracking collars, respectively locators for dogs and cats utilize GPS technology. Through farmer receives accurate information about the current location of the animal. Monitoring a dog is possible through communication between the base station and a tracking collar. You can usually set several viewing modes by distance dog.

  • Home mode - is used when the dog moves home (range is approximately around 50 to 80 meters)
  • Wandering regime - if the dog away from his "base", the device immediately recorded and owners report using SMS messages to a mobile phone and a GPS collar alone mode is that the dog monitors up to several kilometers from home.
  • Monitoring Mode - owner activates it via SMS or adjusting the collar. This mode allows you to track the movement of the dog throughout the country.

How to choose a GPS collar?

We have prepared for you a tracking collars leading manufacturers, we have tried them by ourselves. Check them out and choose between GPS collars for basic use of the SIM card or GPS collars for professional use. Using professional GPS collars, radio or GPS collars can track the current position of your dog up to a distance of 16 km even in the most demanding terrain. Under here you will find GPS collars with unlimited range. This type of collars recommended for hunting dogs and professional use. For normal use GPS collars are ideal for sim card where you can track the location of the dog directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

When purchase GPS collars for dogs?

If your dog belongs to the regular "runaways" and it's been very much looking around the neighborhood, you can use GPS collar and your work will be easier. Tracking Collar correctly identify the location of the dog, so you do not worry about intuition or questioning neighbors and find out where it's your dog ran again. GPS collars are suitable for dog owners who often move in the field and tend to frog. We recommend looking at other electronic dog collars that will facilitate the training or electronic fences, which help keep the dog at home (in a limited space).


Try electronic collar

Choosing the right electronic collar is important. Every dog is different and suits him something else. Therefore, we have prepared a unique offer! Not only will assist you with the selection of the electronic collar , but you have a whole one month of trial period! Unless the collar is not suitable, replace it!


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