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For dogs

GPS for dogs

Thanks to the GPS collar, you can always see the current location of your dog and you can also monitor its movement activity. We offer GPS collars by brand, type of use including a full range of accessories.

What are dog tracking collars?

Tracking collars or locators for dogs and cats use GPS technology. It provides the breeder with precise information about the animal's current location. Monitoring of the dog is possible through communication between the base station and the tracking collar. As a rule, several tracking modes can be set according to the distance of the dog.

  • Home mode - is used when the dog is at home (range is about 50 to 80 m)
  • Wandering mode - should the dog move away from its "base", the device immediately detects this and reports it to the owner via SMS message to the mobile phone and the GPS collar switches itself to a mode that monitors the dog up to several km away from home.
  • Tracking mode - the owner activates it by sending an SMS message or setting the collar. This mode allows you to track the dog's movements across the country.

How to choose a GPS collar?

We have prepared for you tracking collars from leading manufacturers that we have tested ourselves. Check them out and choose between GPS collars for basic use with a SIM card or GPS collars for professional use. With the help of professional GPS collars, or radio GPS collars, you can track the current location of your dog up to a distance of 16 km even in the most challenging terrain. We also offer GPS collars with unlimited range. We recommend this type of collars for hunting dogs and professional use. For everyday use, GPS collars for sim card are ideal, where you can track the dog's location directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. 

When to get GPS dog collars?

If your dog is a regular "runner" and you've searched all over the neighborhood many times, a GPS collar can make your job easier. A tracking collar will pinpoint your dog's location flawlessly, so you don't have to worry about intuition or asking the neighbours to find out where your dog has run off to again. GPS collars are also suitable for dog owners who are often out in the field and tend to run around. We also recommend looking at other electronic dog collars that make training easier, or electronic fencing devices that help keep your dog at home (in a designated area).

Try a GPS collar

Choosing the right GPS collar is important. Every dog is different and suits something different. That's why we have prepared a unique offer for you! Not only will we help you choose a collar, but you have 1 whole month to try it out! If the collar doesn't suit your dog or you, you can exchange it!










  • What is a GPS collar?

    A tracking collar. A locator. GPS collar. All the labels are correct. It is an electronic collar that uses GPS technology. It clearly informs the owner of the dog's current location. GPS collar is suitable for all dog owners who like to be away from their home. The locator clearly reveals the dog's location so that the owner can easily reach the dog.


  • How does the GPS collar work?

    Monitoring a dog with a GPS collar is possible thanks to the communication between the base station and the tracking collar. It is possible to choose from different collar modes or distance settings. The GPS collar communicates with the owner and alerts him/her (e.g. via SMS) if the dog moves away from his/her home.


  • When to get a GPS collar?

    A tracking collar should be considered by all dog breeders who regularly search for their canine pets near and far. They will be able to keep their dog under control even when they go to work. This is because the technology communicates remotely - the owner will be informed by text message that the dog has escaped.


  • What are the types of GPS collars?

    Tracking collars can be divided into collars with a SIM card, which just allow communication with the owner (an SMS message is sent to the mobile phone if the dog has left the home or garden). Another type are radio collars. These collars are radio-controlled and allow you to track the dog's location up to a distance of several kilometres.


  • What modes do GPS collars use?

    There are several. Different ranges of GPS collars can be set. As a rule, there is a home mode (shorter distance in tens of metres), a roaming mode (tens of kilometres) or a tracking mode (which tracks the dog across the country). GPS collars are very sophisticated, so if the dog leaves home, the mode designed for longer distances is activated.


  • What breeds are GPS collars suitable for?

    Tracking collars come in different sizes, so they are suitable for different species and breeds of dogs. You just need to choose the right GPS collar. Generally speaking, owners of normal sized dogs have the biggest choice, from something like 5kg to 50kg.


  • Are the collars waterproof?

    Yes. Electronic GPS collars are waterproof, so they can be used without restriction. Both the transmitter and receiver are waterproof. The collar (receiver) can be submerged up to a depth of several metres.


  • Can you track multiple dogs at once?

    By adding additional tracking collars, the transmitter can be used without limitation for tracking and training multiple dogs at once.


  • Are there any fees for tracking?

    The use of tracking collars using GPS technology is only charged for GPS collars that use the GSM network. These are mainly professional GPS collars. 


  • Is it difficult to operate the collars?

    The operation of GPS collars is easy and intuitive. Of course, you will receive a user manual with the collar. At the same time, we are ready to help you with the use of the electronic collars.

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