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Submersible collars

One of the important factors when choosing an electronic collar is waterproofness. If your dog is one of those who likes to jump into the water, submersible training collars are a must.

You will find training collars submersible up to 1m, but also electronic collars submersible up to 13m. These electronic water training collars are tailored just for those dogs that like to jump in the water, so you don't have to worry about letting your dog go swimming with them. The principle of electronic training collars is simple. If, for example, your dog is constantly running off in the woods and does not respond to a call, you can alert the dog to come back through the electronic collar, which has an essential part of the collar, a receiver placed on the collar, and a transmitter that the trainer has in his hand. Training collars usually send several levels of signals - sound, vibration and electrostatic, you can easily admonish him even remotely. Because dogs quickly recognize the sequence of signals, you usually only need to alert them with a vibration or sound. The advantage is that in a similar situation you can react immediately and "punish" the dog even remotely. Of course, this has a completely different effect than if you catch up with the dog after half an hour and punish it afterwards.

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