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PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control

PetSafe Ultrasound booth used to limit the dog barking in the garden. Booth hang on the tree / fence / wall and you point to the place where they go barking dog. By the time the dog barks, ultrasonic booth is activated and issued the dog uncomfortable ultrasound

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Product code: P327
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

PetSafe anti-barking booth is a unit which uses ultrasound to prevent barking. Anti-sagging booth is activated when the built-in microphone captures the incessant barking of a dog in a range of 15 meters. The equipment sends a two-second ultrasonic sound that can be heard only a dog (20kHz frequency correction of about 120 db inaudible to humans). The transmitted ultrasound should be so annoying barking dog to stop barking. The device is suitable for outdoor use and is fully waterproof. Suitable to hang onto the garden (on the tree, fence, etc.). Static unit helps to unlearn excessive barking. It is suitable for most dogs but not for all.


Basic device characterization

  • Suitable for garden, reach max. 15 m
  • Correction ultrasound captures automatically when barking or manually
  • Adjustable degree range (up to 4m to 9m to 15m, Test)
  • Does the indicator light
  • waterproof

Correction technology

  • Treble equipment ultrasonic sound that can be heard only a dog (20kHz frequency correction of about 120 db inaudible to humans)
  • More information:
  • A flashlight should last for approximately 2,000 activations or min. half year
  • The indicator light indicates the correction or when to replace the battery
  • The unit can stand on your desk or hang onto the garden (eg. The tree, fence)

The device uses a standard 9V battery that is not included.

The product is included in categories

Training Anti-barking collars Anti-barking collars By breed For the smallest For small dogs For medium dogs For large dogs According to the correction Ultrasonic By waterproofness Water resistant Waterproof By brand PetSafe Anti-barking collars PetSafe Anti-howling collars

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Setting the sensitivity no
Bark detection sound
Functions Ultrasound
Waterproofing Water resistant
Power Batteries
Battery in the receiver 9V baterie
Receiver power supply Baterie
sizes For small dogs, For big dogs, For medium dogs

Additional information


  • can be used for several dogs at the same time
  • more careful correction/reaction


  • can be ineffective for some dogs
  • responds to all sounds

 Package content

  • Anti barking unit 
  • Instruction

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