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Patpet B470

Patpet B470 is an effective anti-bark collar designed to teach unwanted barking and unwanted dog behaviour for all dog breeds from 10 to 90 kg. The collar detects barking by sound, has a sound and spray function with three levels of bark sensitivity. The device is rechargeable and waterproof.

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Product code: P52169
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The Patpet B470 is a safe anti-bark collar with sound and spray function, with which you can explain to your dog when he should stop barking. When the dog first barks, the collar warns the dog with a short audible tone. If the next bark comes within 30 seconds, the collar sprays the spray and scent into the dog's muzzle so that the dog stops barking; after some time of use and training, the dog gets used to the collar and stops barking. The size of the collar and the strength of the correction make the collar suitable for all dogs weighing from 10 to 90 kg. The collar is activated by a built-in microphone in the collar, so if the dog starts to bark or howl, the microphone will detect it and the collar will be triggered, so thanks to the sound detection it is also ideal for howling. The collar can be set to low, medium and high sensitivity for barking, as well as the spray strength to high, medium and low. The collar is waterproof and rechargeable via the included USB cable.




Bark detection

The collar uses sound to detect barking and has adjustable bark sensitivity in three levels - low, medium and high. If you set the bark sensitivity to high, the collar will correct the dog even when there is a quiet bark. So you can determine for yourself what barking volume is already too loud. Thanks to the sound detection, it is also ideal against howling.


Type of correction

Patpet B470 offers a sound and spray function which has adjustable spray in 3 levels ( small, medium and large). When the collar is first sprayed, it warns the dog with a short audible tone. If the next bark comes within 30 seconds, the spray corrects. The sound of the collar cannot be adjusted or turned off.



Batteries and charging

The Patpet B470 collar uses a rechargeable and replaceable Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 150 mAh for power supply. It depends on how often the collar is triggered. The collar is charged using the USB cable included in the package. 




The Patpet B470 anti-bark collar is water resistant only and is thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it in light rain and snow. The collar is not designed for swimming.




PThe Patpet B470 has a lightweight receiver, making it ideal for all breeds of dogs. This collar is recommended for all dogs weighing between 10 and 90 kg. 



Collar length

Included is a sturdy nylon collar that is adjustable and comfortable. Your puppy will not be uncomfortable wearing it. You can easily adjust the collar for a neck circumference of 20 to 70 cm. 


Weight and dimensions

The Patpet B470 has a very lightweight and ergonomically shaped receiver. It measures 3.5 cm wide, 6.5 cm high, 3 cm deep and its weight is 78 grams.

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Training Anti-barking collars Anti-barking collars Podle plemene Pro střední psy Pro velké psy Podle značky Patpet Podle korekce Zvukové Sprejové Podle vodotěsnosti Voděodolné

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Plemeno střední, velké
Function zvuk, sprej
Power nabíjecí
Watertightness voděodolný
Type of correction zvuk + sprej
Watertightness voděodolný
Power nabíjecí
Barking detection pomocí zvuku
Battery life 5 - 10 dní
Barking detection zvuk
Size (w/h/d) 3,5 cm x 6,5 cm x 3 cm
Weight 78 g
Adjustable sensitivy yes
Collar lenght 20 - 70 cm
velikost Pro velké psy, Pro střední psy
Run time of receiver 7 až 15 dní
Display nemá
Power supply nabíjecí akumulátor
Spray 3 úrovně

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