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Collar for another dog DOG GPS X20 set 2pcs

Replacement collar and receiver for GPS tracking device for DOG GPS X20 2pcs set.


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511 € 422 € without VAT
Product code: P46491
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Collar for another…
511 €

Product description

The DOG GPS X20 is a device for locating your dogs up to 20 km away. It consists of a transmitter that is placed on the dog's collar and a receiver (handheld device) on which the handler tracks the distance and direction to the dogs location. The transmitter obtains its location from GPS satellites and uses a radio frequency (RF) signal to transmit the location information to the handler's receiver.

The RF signal strength, GPS position accuracy, battery status of the transmitter and receiver can also be monitored on the receiver display.

DOG GPS X20 also has additional functions - compass, FENCE - acoustic boundary, which provides information about exceeding the set distance from the receiver by your dog. It also has a BEEPER function which makes it easy to determine if your dog is moving or standing still.

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