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Water resistant

Water resistant collars

Does your dog disturb your neighbours with his constant barking? Vibrating anti-bark collars are the right solution. Choose from a range of vibrating anti-bark collars from world-renowned manufacturers.


The principle of the anti-bark collar is simple. Like other electronic collars, it works on the basis of several types of signals that alert the dog to inappropriate behavior. As soon as the dog starts barking or howling, the anti-bark collar activates and sends a signal. The first time, the dog is alerted mostly by sound. If he does not obey, a vibration follows. If the barking does not stop even after this warning, an electrostatic pulse is activated to warn the dog more consistently. The pulses are adjustable according to the size and sensitivity of the dog. Anti-bark collars are supplied for the smallest, small, medium and large breeds. The advantage of the anti-bark collar is that it will reprimand a barking dog without you being present.



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Canicalm Small

Canicalm Small

Eyenimal Small Bark Control is the smallest anti-barking collar in the world with the weight only…
Na cestě 8 kusů
115 €

Reedog Q20

The easy-to-use Patpet Q20 anti-bark collar uses sound, vibration and impulse to correct barking…
In stock > 10 pcs
45 €

Reedog S2

The fully programmable Reedog S2 anti-bark collar is a modern tool for unlearning unwanted barking…
In stock > 10 pcs
62 €

Reedog V2

The modern Reedog V2 anti-bark collar is a modern tool for unlearning unwanted barking of your dog.…
In stock > 10 pcs
62 €
Protištěkací obojek Dogtra YS600

Dogtra YS600

The anti-barking collar Dogtra ys600 is a completely new improved model of the dogtra ys500. Dogtra…
In stock 3 pcs
201 €

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