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Canicom 1500 PRO

Num Axes Canicom 1500 PRO is a modern and professional electric training collar suitable especially for hound breeds with the 1500 meters range. It has samu funtion as Canicom 1500 but you can also control 1 or 2 sound collar for position tracking CANIBEEP RADIO PRO or 1 or 4 bird thrower CANIFLY. This collar is suitable for every kind of a dog.


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Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Num Axes Canicom 1500 PRO is a modern and professional electric training collar suitable especially for hound breeds with the 1500 meters range. It has pulse and sound funtions. It is also suitable for every kind of dog. But this model is specially suitable for hound training and terrain work. We recommend this type of collar to kynologists and gamekeepers for their training. Canicom 1500 PRO has backlight LCD display for level of pulse, number of dog, battery life and indication of the pulse. On/off by magnet. 18 levels of stimulation. Emergency button - BOOSTER (stronger pulse).




Num Axes Canicom 1500 PRO helps you train your dog without using a dog leash to the distance of 1500 meters. Range of 1500 meters is enough as for basic training and also for professional training of most dogs. Canicom 1500 PRO is ideal choice for city, forest and also for worse conditions.



Correction type

Num Axes Canicom 1500 has anti-barking mode, sound, vibrations and electric pulse as a correction which you can adjust to 18 different levels. It is easy to set the collar specifically for the needs of your dog. Pulse strenght can be adjusted in any moment of your training. Controler has very handy button for a quick pulse called BOOSTER. Its level can be programmed in advance and can be higher than normal pulse. This "emergency" button can be used in situation when you want to quickly and strongly warn or stop your dog.


Battery and charging

Transmitter is powered by 2x  AA LR06 battery which you can see on the LCD display. You can check how is battery charged. Receiver is charged by 3V battery.



Num Axes Canicom 1500 PRO is suplied with the fully waterproof receiver but it is not waterproof underwater. It can be used while raining snowing or where mud is.


Number of dogs

Num Axes Canicom 1500 PRO is suitable for training of 4 dogs.



Num Axes Canicom 1500 has a quality backlight LCD display which alows you traing your dog both during a day and during the night. Display shows you type of correction, pulse intensity and battery life.


Collar lenght

Num Axes Canicom 1500 has very strong and quality collar made from plastic. Dogs have no problems with wearing this collar and it hold very well on their neck. The lenght of the collar is adjustable from 20 to 50cm.



Transmitter has width 6,2cm, height 13,2cm and depth 3,1cm. Its weight is 130 grams. Receiver widht is 6,8cm. height 3,8cm and depth 4,3cm. Its weight is 75 grams.


Attention! Our equipment is only compatible with Canicom equipment purchased in the EU. If you are purchasing accessories from us for items already purchased from outside the European Union, the products will not be compatible! They work on different frequencies.

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Range 1500 m
Number of dogs 1 - 2 dogs
Functions Impulse, Sound, Booster
Pulse level 18
Collar length 20 - 65 cm
Waterproofing Watertight
Power Batteries
Battery in the transmitter 2x AA LR06
Receiver power supply Baterie
Transmitter power supply Baterie
Transmitter weight 130 g
Weight of the receiver 75 g
Size of the receiver 6,8 x 3,8 x 4,3 cm
Transmitter size 6,2 x 13,2 x 3,1 cm
sizes For small dogs, For big dogs, For medium dogs
Electrodes Long and short electrodes

Additional information


  • 1500 meters range
  • 18 different levels of electric pulse
  • durable receiver and transmitter
  • backlight LCD display
  • chargable receiver


  • just one controler for more devices

 Package content

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Short Electrodes
  • Long Electrodes
  • Adjustable Collar
  • Battery receiver
  • Battery transmitter
  • Neck tab
  • Test lamp
  • Manual

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