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Canicom Voice 800

Canicom Voice 800 is the world's first training collar with voice recording, sound and vibration. You can record up to 4 different voice messages that will play through the dynamic on your dog's collar. With one ultralight transmitter, you can train up to 2 dogs up to 800m away. The device is battery operated and waterproof.


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Product description

Num´Axes Canicom Voice 800 is a modern electronic training collar. Canicom Voice 800 is suitable for small, medium and large dogs. Canicom Voice 800 is the world's first training collar with voice recording. You can record up to 4 different voice messages that will play through the dynamic on your dog's collar. , 4 different messages will play through the speaker on your dog's collar. You can train up to 2 dogs at the same time up to 800m away, which is convenient even in rough terrain. Both the receiver and the remote collar are powered by 3V CR2 batteries, which you can also buy in our online store.



Range of the collar

The Canicom Voice 800 helps you train your dog without a leash up to 800 metres away. A range of 800 metres is enough for both basic and professional training of most dogs. You can use the training collar in the city as well as in the forests. 


Correction type 

The Canicom Voice 800 is the first collar in the world with voice recording, sound and vibration functions. 



Batteries and charging

The transmitter and receiver of the Canicom Voice 800 are equipped with a 3V battery with CR2 marking. The receiver can operate for 3 months, the transmitter for 3-6 months. 


Water resistant

Canicom Voice 800 has only basic water protection with IPX5 rating (it does not mind light rain or snow, but it cannot be submerged!) In case of rain, we recommend to remove the collar immediately, as water can easily get in through wet fur. The transmitter has the basic protection against water.  This makes the collar an ideal choice for basic use, but not for training dogs in water.


Number of dogs

Canicom Voice 800 can be used to control more dogs at the same time without loss of functionality. By adding additional collars, you can easily train up to 2 dogs at once. You can use the button on the transmitter to switch between dogs.


Collar length

Canicom Voice 800 has a very strong and high quality collar made of plastic. It does not make any problem for the dog to wear it and it holds well on the neck. The length of the collar is adjustable from 20 to 50 cm, the width of the collar is 25 mm. 


Weight and dimensions

The transmitter is 5.5 cm wide, 10.8 cm high (including antenna), 2.4 cm deep and weighs 85 grams (including antenna and battery). The receiver is 6.5 cm wide, 4 cm high, 3.2 cm deep and weighs 122 grams. 




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Training Training collars By the breed Pro malé psy Pro střední psy By the range 600 až 1000 metrů By the brand Canicom NumAxes By the correction type Zvukové Vibrační By waterproof Voděoodolné By number of dogs For 1 dog For 2 dogs Hlasový záznam

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Funkce vibrace, zvuk, Hlasový záznam
Dosah 800 m
Funkce vibrace + zvuk + hlasový záznam
Vodotěsnost voděodolný
Displej nemá
Dosah 800 m
Počet psů 1 - 2 psy
Napájení na baterie
Baterie v přijímači 3V CR2
Baterie ve vysílači 3V CR2
Délka obojku 20 - 50
Výdrž přijímače 1 - 3 měsíce
Výdrž vysílače 3 - 6 měsíců
Hmotnost přijímače 85 g
Hmotnost vysílače 122 g
Počet psů 1 - 2 psy
Power supply na baterie
Receiver size (w/h/d) 108 x 55 x 24 mm
Transmitter size (w/h/d) 65 x 32 x 40 mm
velikost Pro malé psy, Pro velké psy, Pro střední psy



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Canicom Voice 800
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Canicom Voice 800

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