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About the company

We're caregivers. We make sure you and your dog have a great relationship and enjoy every moment together. We sell training collars, GPS collars, anti-bark collars, or electronic fencing. We are expanding our offer with smart products such as smart dispensers, cameras or toys. We make our own beds, kennels, mattresses or collars, leashes and toys under the Reedog brand.

There is a place in our heart for all paws - it doesn't matter if you have a tail or a whisker!

We are a group of young people who founded the start-up in 2013. The topic of electronic collars was taboo in the Czech Republic. We focused on explaining, educating and customer support became a natural part of our services. Customers always get maximum support from us when solving problems, even if we change their collars eight times and spend countless hours with them. We started as a small e-shop with just a few products. Today our annual turnover is close to 30 million crowns. We are the absolute market leader in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. We are currently expanding into Spain and the USA and we know that we have open doors to other markets.

On the shelves in our warehouses and showroom in Prague are stacked the best products from world-famous brands, in addition, we are the only and official wholesale distributor of Aetertek, Petrainer, E-collar, NumAxes, Eyenimal, iTrainer, Canicom , EasyPet, SportDog, PetSafe, Dogtra, Martin Systém, Garmin and Reedog in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With joy to dog shelters

Social responsibility and love for animals are the main driving forces that lead our company to become an active partner of many dog shelters. Our team aims to improve the lives of abandoned and needy animals, not only with our innovative products, but also with our personal commitment. We happily travel to dog shelters across the country to lend a helping hand where it is needed most.