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How to choose suitable antiparasitics

  • Choosing the right antiparasitic depends on the environment in which your dog lives. Collars are more suitable for dogs living outdoors. For dogs living with you in an apartment or house, choose repellents or pipettes instead. In addition, if you share your home with a cat, consult your vet - some substances in dog antiparasitics are dangerous for cats.
  • Are you clear about which parasites you want to fight? Some products can deal with all parasites, some only repel specific species, such as fleas or ticks.
  • An important criterion for you may be how long it takes for the product to take effect and the overall duration of effectiveness. A spray or pipette will give you immediate protection, whereas with a collar you have to wait at least a week before it starts killing parasites. The duration of effectiveness also varies. Collars can protect against parasites for several months, while pipettes often only last a few weeks.
  • Choose antiparasitics according to the nature and needs of your dog. If your dog loves water and likes to bathe often, an anti-parasite collar will be a great choice, and conversely, it makes no sense to invest in sprays and drops, where contact with water reduces effectiveness. Some antiparasitics are not recommended for puppies and small dogs under 2 kg in weight.