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A modern solution for invisible electronic fences

Do you need to prevent your dog from running away from the garden? Are you a lover of ornamental plants, and sculptures, or simply cannot allow your garden to be covered by a massive fence?

Electronic fences are now a common way of keeping dogs in a certain place without physical fences. These systems work using special collars that the dog wears. When the dog crosses the specified limit, the collar will provide him with an unpleasant stimulus in the form of a static electrical impulse or an audio signal. Although not literally invisible, they are not physical fences and do not change the appearance of the surroundings. It is thus a cheap and variable fencing of the plot. They offer an easy and very quick installation.

Dogtrace Dfence 2002

D-Fence 2002 is currently the only fence for dogs with a backup power source. Thanks to the spare battery, it will watch over your dog for up to 16 hours, even in the event of a power failure. The system is waterproof for installation up to 2200 m and consists of a transmitting generator, a receiver, and an antenna wire. The transmitter generator generates a signal to the antenna wire, with which you define the boundaries of the forbidden zone for your dog. A receiver attached to the dog's collar picks up the signal spreading from the installed loop. The restricted zone is divided into two zones; warning and corrective. If the dog crosses the boundary of the first (warning) zone, the receiver starts to emit an intermittent sound signal. If the dog does not respond to the sound warning and crosses the boundary of the second (correction) band, the receiver simultaneously emits a sound signal and a stimulation pulse, which can be set in 8 levels at approximately second intervals.

The number of dogs with a receiver is not limited. The waterproof receiver switches individual modes contactless using a magnet. The Fence 2002 base has a modern design, touch screen, multilingual menu, and backlit graphic display, but it needs to be protected from rain as it is not waterproof.


Dog fences are a useful tool for dog owners who want to provide their pets with a safe environment while restricting their movement. Regardless of whether you decide to use a physical or electronic fence, it is important to spend enough time and effort to properly train your dog and ensure that it is safe and effective to use. We must use the electronic fence in the right way and with the dog's safety in mind. Electronic corrections should always be mild and training should be done under the supervision of an owner with experience in dog behavior.

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