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Antibarking and antihowling collars

It is natural that the dogs are barking if they are warning their owners to some threat or they just keeping watch. But sometimes occasional barking changes to permanent habit which cannot be easily unlearn without any training aid. Antibarking collars represent safe tool with which you will be able to explain to you dog that he should stop barking. What kinds of antibarking collars are on the market and how to choose the right one?

Why are the dogs barking?

Every dog barks from time to time. Howling and barking should no overgrow in annoying habit. That’s why is convenient to teach the dog command “silence” and reduce the barking, but not to suppress it completely. Defense barking is natural in dog behavior. Impropriate and annoying barking can occur from different reasons – e.g. they feel alone at home and they are crying for his owner.


Other times they are let to the barking with the fear and they react to stimulations around them (car driving around the house, people etc.) In the moments when are you with the dog you can make it clear that he shouldn’t be barking with the command “silence”. But as soon as the door closes when you leave the house, your dog starts to bark and he annoys the entire neighborhood and they will complain to you after. It is not enviable situation. In situation like this that when the antibarking collar helps.



How does the antibarking collar works?

Antibarking collar becomes your extended arm in the times when your dog starts to bark. As soon as the dog starts to bark or howl antibarking collar activates and send the warning. At first the dog is warned by sound signal followed by vibration and last by electrostatic pulse after which the dog usually stop barking. And because the dogs are great learners they put the continuity of corrections together and after some time they react even to the sound warning.


Antibarking collar and dog size

Quality antibarking collars have adjustable pulse levels depending on dog size. That is why they are suitable for smallest, small, mid-size and also big breeds of dogs. Pulse intensity is easily adjusted on the level when your dog is responding to the warning but pulse is not making him any harm. Even the size of the collars is adjusted to the breed size, weight and body constitution for miniature breeds there are very small collars which fits even the smallest dogs.



Antibarking collars brands

Electronic collars for dogs are on the rise, they are effective functional and favored by professional dog owners and beginners – for both groups electronic collars are helpful aids for their training with the dog which is based on mutual trust. There exists brands which are leading in the industry, they lead the trends and invest into the development and brings the best products to the market. In the antibarking collars industry as a top brands, we can name brands like Aetertek, EasyPet, Petrainer, PetSafe, Dogtra or SportDog. What advantages they have?

  • Antibarking collars Aetertek – belongs to top of the brands on the market with electronic collars. Their significance is in brilliant design, developed features and easy controls. Your dog will get along with it pretty easily.
  • Antibarking collars Petrainer – Quality electronic collars which are favored by dog owners of various breeds. Powerful tool with excessive dog barking, it has great design and simple controls.
  • Antibarking collars PetSafe – very good collars with simple controls and use variability. They are significant for their quality design and good price.
  • Antibarking collars SportDog – offer models suitable for all dog breeds with different weight and different size. It’s easy to control and easy to learn how to use it.
  • Antibarking collars Dogtra – these collars are elite in the industry of Antibarking collars. Very good and easy to control, enhanced features and good price.

Other successful brands amongst Antibarking collars are E-collar, Pet at School, Garmin, Goodlife or Canicalm.



Types of Antibarking collars for dogs

Each of the brands mentioned above brings something specific – e.g. different correction which is to warn dog to his unwanted behavior. Most of the brands has correction in this exact order: sound, vibration and electrostatic pulse. Some of the collars brings spray or ultrasound correction. Look at the individual corrections:

  • Spray collar – spray is very efficient way how to prevent your dog from barking. This type of correction is safe and effective. As soon as the dog starts barking he is warned by spray to his nose and he stops immediately. 
  • Sound collar – as soon as the dog starts to bark a strong sound will appear which warns the dog to his unwanted behavior if the dog is not responding then usually follows stronger sound and also other ways of correction (vibration, electrostatic pulse etc.)
  • Vibration collar – vibration pulse is included in most of the collars on the market. Dog finds vibration very unpleasant but its not hurting him in any way. The reaction is very good and the dog stops barking immediately.
  • Electronic collar – electrostatic correction is very effective to which every dog will react. Antibarking collars has adjustable level of pulse and thanks to that they are very easy to set and safe.
  • Ultrasound collar – modern way of solving dog problems when the dog barking activates ultrasound correction. Some of the collars have option to record your voice with command.


Antibarking devices, collars for your garden and dog repelers

Collars against the barking of your dog, Antibarking units, collars against the dog howling or dog repelers are devices which will help you to set your calm place. Lets take it from the start to go through every modern aid.

  • Antibarking collar – if your dog disturbs neighbors or even you (during the night) the Antibarking collar is perfect solution. It is suitable for flat use but also for your garden. Quality and reliable collar from top brand ensures you that your dog wont bark in your absence and with the chosen correction (vibration, sound, el. Pulse, ultrasound, spray) “warns” the dog when he starts barking or howling.
  • Antibarking units – these are thoughtful and developed units which will stop excessive barking of your dog. Antibarking units are suitable mostly for your garden, they work on ultrasound principle which can be heard only by the dogs.
  • Dog repelers – you can find yourself in position when you don’t own dog but the dog of your neighbor is bothering you day and night. In that case the dog repeler is just the right thing for you. It is hand device which sends ultrasound waves which are unpleasant for the dog but don’t harm him in any way.

In what way the antibarking collars help?

  • They prevent from excessive barking of dogs.
  • They help to teach the dog stop unwanted behavior (barking, howling)
  • They help your neighbors relationships.
  • They help you build the healthy relationship with your dog.

By what features choose the right antibarking collar?

Brand or features of the Antibarking collar should fit you completely and should suits to your needs. Antibarking collar offers several ways of barking detection (cords vibration, sound or even both) – it is your choice what preferences you have and what collar type you will choose. Definitely watch the pulse strength – more possibilities and functions means better collar. Decide also about where are going to use your collar. In case your dog will run through your garden the collar should be definitely waterproof.

Reviews and experiences with antibarking collars

Right before you will buy a collar for your dog you will definitely find the experiences of other owners very helpful. In case of Antibarking collars are mostly very positive as these reviews show us. Jarka F. wrote: “It wont hurt, its very effective and the dog is calm and neighbors are not complaining anymore. The dog was bothering with his barking us and also the neighbors so we ordered collar and the barking stopped. I recommend to everybody.”

Of course we all love our dogs and we care about their safety with collars on. They who tried know about it all. Helena wrote this: “Pulses are very safe for the dog. We tried the lower one and the dog didn’t responded to the higher one he did. Pulses are not harming the dog in any way but they are preventing him from barking. I am very satisfied.”


Video: How does the antibarking collar works.