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Catlink toilets comparison

Automatic cat toilets have become popular among cat owners looking for a more convenient and hygienic way to care for their pets. The Catlink brand is one of the leading manufacturers of these devices and offers several models that vary in features and price. In this article, we will compare the main Catlink models to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Catlink BayMax Scooper SE

Sophisticated design combined with advanced sensors ensures your cat gets the safety and care it deserves. Pair your litter box with the specially designed Catlink mobile app and monitor your pet's health. 

The Baymax Scooper offers 3 modes of operation and has a capacity of 7 liters. In Auto mode, the machine starts cleaning automatically. In Manual mode, you start cleaning the toilet whenever you wish at the touch of a button. For the schedule mode, you simply set the cleaning times in the smart app.
The toilet is designed to provide maximum comfort for your cat. The spacious interior allows for free movement and litter use without any restrictions. The low entry provides easy access for cats of all ages and physical abilities, including older cats or cats with limited mobility. 

Catlink Baymax Scooper SE (Lite)

Catlink Baymax Scooper SE Lite is a lightweight version of the Catlink BayMax Scooper SE automatic toilet. Unlike the BayMax Scooper SE model, the Catlink Scooper SE Lite does not allow tracking multiple cats at once in the app, making it suitable for single-cat households. It also offers 3 modes of operation. Auto, manual, and operating mode and has a capacity of 7 liters.

Catlink Scooper PRO X Luxury

No more troubles with cleaning up after your cat thanks to the luxurious automatic litter box! The CatLink Scooper PRO X Luxury offers automatic cleaning that takes just 2 minutes.  It is completely safe for your pet and has a large waste bin with up to 13 liters capacity. This device can also be linked to the Catlink app, which allows you to remotely control it, send useful alerts, and access information about your pets' habits and health. 

Set the toilet operation to your liking by selecting one of the four available modes. Manual mode allows you to manually start and stop the device via the app or a button on the device. Timer mode, where you set when the toilet should operate. Auto mode, where you set the toilet to clean automatically after a certain amount of time. And an empty bin mode.

Catlink AI Scooper Young

The Scooper Young automatic toilet is a lighter version of the Scooper PRO X Luxury automatic toilet. It is equipped with a 13-litre waste box and allows automatic cleaning in just about 200 seconds. 

The device offers 2 modes of operation. In automatic mode, cleaning starts automatically 5 minutes after the cat has used the litter. Manual if you prefer to decide yourself when the litter box should start working. The Scooper Young is not, as it is the only one of these litter boxes connected to a smart app. You have to control everything on the toilet's control panel.

Common features

Choosing the right automatic cat litter box depends on your specific needs, and each Catlink model offers different benefits and is suitable for a different type of users. The Catlink BayMax Scooper SE is a great choice for those who want advanced features and a large capacity, while the BayMax Scooper SE Lite offers a good compromise between price and features. The Scooper Young is ideal for owners looking for simplicity and lower cost, and the Scooper PRO X Luxury is the top-of-the-line model for those who want the best for their cats regardless of price. Investing in an automatic cat litter box from Catlink can greatly improve hygiene and comfort for both you and your cat.

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