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Do you need electronic collar to train your dog?

Dog training is very hard and complex. Even harder the less you know about it. It requires discipline, time and precision. If your dog is undergoing training, you are probably thinking if electronic collar is necessary. Is it used by the professionals and beginners? How does the electronic collar works? And do you even need it?

Electronic collars (that’s the exact name, occasionally you can see name electronic collars) are training aid. Right from the beginning it is needless to say that it not serves as a punishment tool. If the owner is rough he doesn’t need something special but he will find anything to punish the dog. Beating of the dog and scaring the dog is huge mistake in the training of the dog. Animal can become scared and rude. Goal of each dog owner should be raising a healthy, obedient and cool partner. Dog trained so well that you can count on him. That’s where electronic collar can effectively help. If it is used in the right way and you will choose quality product from effective and tested brands.

Training collar helps with the dog training

Raise and train your dog require a lot of energy, time and patience. None of it will the electronic collar saves for you, but it will certainly make dog training easier for you. That’s the experience of dog owners and experienced professionals. There are known cases when hard educable dog started to make huge progress with electronic collar.


How do the electronic collars help with dog training precisely?

Their principle is quite simple. Life shows that simple things are the most effective ones. Take this example. Your dog is running away in the woods when on walk and he is not responding to your calls. That is very dangerous for him. How to teach him to react when he is so far away from you that you cannot tell him it’s wrong? That is when electronic collar will help you. You are holding remote transmitter in your hand while the receiver is on you dogs neck.


Dog ran away and he is not responding to you calls. You press the button on the transmitter and send the pulse or warning. Most of the collars have different types of correction – first you will send sound, after vibration and in the end electrostatic pulse. Dog will soon remember the sequence of the warnings and you will be able to warn him just with the vibration or sound warning after some time.  The advantage of electronic collar is that when the dog is running away or is chasing some animal to the dangerous place you can warn him by remote control.


That has most certainly different effect than when you chase your dog and want to punish him hour after he did something like that. Dog is not a human. And if you punish him after a longer time he is not able to connect the punishment with his wrong doing.  So then , this situation can occur, your dog will run away and in about hour he will come back and you instead of praising him for return you will beat him for running away and he will immediately connect it, I returned and got beaten, so what do you think he will do next time?

To react immediately during the training of your dog is the key to successful training. And with that the electronic collars will help. It allows you to react as soon as possible.

Do you need electronic collar?

It seems to you that you don’t need electronic collar for training of your dog? It is up to your decision. If you put the collar on your dog’s neck don’t think about it as your failure. Training collars are welcomed training aid of thousands of professionals. It makes work with dogs more effective and primarily it allows train disobedient dogs. That is most welcomed because those dogs are not destined to live in some cage because of their disobedience. It makes their life better.


Of course, every dog is unique. Everyone has its own spirit and it is very different to work with each of them. You need to think about it during the training. Even with or without the electronic collar.


The question which came to every responsible owner to his mind is if the training collar is if the electronic collar is not dangerous for the dog. Isn’t it maltreating? It is a good question. Electronic collars serves for the training not for maltreating. Most of them is equipped with several correction types. (sound, vibration and electronic pulse) while electronic pulses can be adjusted in different levels of intensity so on the level comfortable for your dog.

 What electronic collars are tested?

Effectiveness of the electronic collar training lays on their quality, range and features which collar offers. Certificated brands in the electronic collars world are e.g. Aetertek, Reedog or SportDog. Each brand makes training collars for different sizes of dogs (from small to big breeds) and with different range (from 300m to 1500m). Collars are divided by the signal type (electric, ultrasound, vibration, spray or sound).

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Electronic collars can be chosen by the breed (size of the dog), range of the collar, by brand or by its features which collar offers. We prepared few examples of tested collars which are best sellers on the Czech market.


Electronic collar Aetertek.

Brand Aetertek is the top brand on the electronic collars market. Development and construction is precise which is reflected in their quality. Example of electronic collar from Aetertek brand is Aetertek AT-215D, which was specially designed for training of two dogs at once (transmitter has divided buttons for each dog). It is enhanced model of its predecessor AT215 – modified receiver which battery life was extended. Range of the collar is 550 meters which is suitable for normal training, in the woods, field or in the training grounds. Transmitter works with simple 9V battery.



Electronic collar Reedog

Reedog brand is the top notch at the electronic collar market. It was favored by the professionals. For example Reedog MX-1200 Sport with range up to 1200 meters can be recommended for professional training. Collar comes with elaborated training system which includes different features (sound, vibration and electrostatic pulse). Collar can be easily extended for training up to three dogs, it is fully waterproof and its battery life is very long. Training will be easy thanks to the many modern technologies, e.g. QuickCharge or momentary or continuing static correction – long and short pulse Nick&Continual.

Electronic collar Petrainer

If you are looking for basic training collar, one of the best possibilities is Petrainer PET998DB which brings great value performance ratio. It is mostly suitable for less demanding owners who just began with their training. Although it is basic and cheap training collar it has several great features and advantages. Range is up to 300 meters so it can be mostly used during the basic commands training like come back, sit, stay and so on. Even this collar can be adjusted in his strength and levels of impulse from level 0 to 100 and it is most suitable for dogs between 5 to 90kg.

More types of electronic collars can be found here. You can be interested by other information about antibarking collars.

We bring you the broadest offer of electronic collar for basic and professional dog training. Choose from more than 15 brands of the best electronic collars for the best prices on the market. From our personal experience we recommend you brands Aetertek and Reedog and that’s because of the easy controls and 3 years warranty.