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GPS collars and locators for dogs - how to choose the right one?

When you return home from work and there is no trace of your dog, you began to freak out. Where did he go? Some dogs are just hopeless. If your dog is wanderer or you just want to keep track where is he spending so much time, tracking collar is made exactly for you and your dog. It is collar which will tell you the exact position of your dog. Professional GPS collars can be used in terrain work – for example by gamekeepers or rescuer.

GPS collars or locators for dogs (and also for cats) are designed mainly for pet owners, which likes to go away from their home or they are moving on huge property, for animals who are running away on daily basis or are in hard terrain. Every dog lover knows how stressful is to look for your dog when you have no idea where he is. GPS tracking collar is priceless in situations like these because you know exactly where your dog is and you can localize him easily.


How does the GPS collar works?

Tracking collar uses modern GPS technology which you know from you smart phone or car navigation. Through GPS owner gets the information about the exact position of his dog. Dog monitoring works thanks to the communication of the tracking collar which is worn by the dog and transmitter station. Some of the newest models communicate with your smart phone directly so it will send the information about the position change of your dog to you smart phone.

GPS and locator modes

Tracking collar are made in different designs and key criteria should be the choice of different modes. Some of the GPS collars are made directly for home usage with smaller range, while others will inform you about you dog position via SMS and they can be used during the training in woods. Tracking modes can be divided as follows:

  • Home mode – it’s used for dog localization at home with range from 50 to 80 meters.
  • Wandering mode – as soon as your dog leaves his “base”  your device will immediately recognize it and it will report it to the owner by the message on his smartphone. GPS will then switch to the mode which tracks your dog several kilometers from your home.
  • Tracking mode – this mode allows you to track movement of your dog around the whole country. Owner activates tracking mode by the message from his smartphone or by the controls on collar.

For what dogs are the tracking collars suitable?

GPS collars are made in different designs and sizes. On the market there are models which suits to very small dogs or cats as well as models which are intended for big breeds.  Locators are favorite amongst every owner of away running dogs or people who just wants to have his dog under control and they want to know where their dog is in exact moment.


It’s not just the localization or tracking of your dog. You will appreciate GPS collar during professional training in the woods, when you need to give your dog some amount of freedom but at the same time you need to keep track of him. Tracking collars  are favored by gamekeepers who use them while chasing the game.

GPS collar or locator is mainly appreciated by dog owners who:

  • GPS collar or locator is mainly appreciated by dog owners who:
  • Love to wander around and run away
  • Are going through hard training in terrain
  • Want to give their dog more freedom
  • Need to have their dog under control every time
  • Want to increase safety of their dog

Types of GPS collars for dogs

While choosing tracking collar for you dog you should definitely think about its purpose and usage. If you want to have your dog under control just at your home you will get by GPS collar for city use. But when you spend your time with your dog outside and in the woods buy professional GPS collar for hound dogs which is specially designed for long ranges and hard terrain.

  • Basic GPS collar for city or home use – works on GPS technology bases when the dog is tracked with help of satellites. It localize you
  • r dog position easily and inform you where the dog is. Home mode has restricted range which is suitable for basic use.
  • Professional “outdoor” tracking collar is the combination of training and tracking collar and it suitable for everyone who are taking their dogs to the woods. This type of collar is suitable for professional training (work or hound dogs). Professional GPS collar let you track your dog for an unlimited range, inform you about exact position of your dog in the exact time, offers whole range of features (e.g. call to your GPS collar, listen to the sounds of environment where your dog is, intensity indicator, dog runaway warning).


Tracking collars brands available on Czech market

GPS collars market is developing in Czech Republic. You have several brands to choose from one of the renamed brands are Garmin, SportDog or Kippy.

  • GPS collars Kippy- among these collar you will find most of all collars designed for small dogs and locators for home use. They offer sophisticated technology, safety and reliability. Works with GPS technology (satellite localization) and LBS (technology which allows approximate localization through mobile phones).
  • SportDog GPS collars – Well-made GPS collar which attract basic owners but also professionals. There is a possibility of buying a training module. Products consist of collar (receiver) and transmitter. These collars are suitable for work with dogs in terrain.
  • Tracker GPS collars – splendid GPS collars made by Finnish company are suitable for hound dogs and professional use. Collars are not losing reception even in the hardest terrains.


How to choose GPS collar?

  • Range of the tracking collar and its features – choose these parameters with the consideration of its use. For the dog training in terrain choose combination of GPS and training features. Cheaper tracking collars can handle normal rain but are not submersible. Choose the most perfect collars for the dog training which can handle every possible condition.
  • Number of dogs connected to GPS – some of the tracking collars are specially designed for more than one dog so you can just by more receivers and connect them with transmitter. You can have your whole pack under control.
  • Dog position display – for basic users, ideal are GPS collar working with phone card where you can track your dog position right from your smartphone, tablet or PC. More sophisticated models can offer you tracking via different apps, on maps or right on your transmitter which you will appreciate outdoors.

Recenze a zkušenosti s GPS obojky pro psy

Nothing is more than personal experience, but how to acquire it when no one in your neighborhood is using GPS collar? Reviews on the internet can tell you a lot. Libor for example was with his new GPS collar so satisfied that he wrote only simple “its perfect”. But that’s not enough most of the time. Good news is that now you can get your own GPS collar for a 30 day trial for free.

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