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Menforsan scents for cats are mild and fragrant

Menforsan is a brand of natural Spanish cosmetics and hygiene products for pets that doesn't forget about your feline friends. Menforsan products have been sold worldwide for more than 40 years and thanks to their exceptional composition and quality, they are used every day by thousands of satisfied customers, both professionals and ordinary consumers.

Cats are known to be probably the cleanest animals. However, their natural scent is something else. No matter how much you love cuddling your cat, it can be hard to approach her when her coat doesn't smell like violets. In such situations, cat perfume comes in handy. If bathing your cat frequently is a struggle for both of you, reach for a bottle of cat perfume to extend the time you can have a carefree and pleasant cuddle together.

Menforsan is a brand that prides itself on respecting the environment. In addition, all products are subject to strict controls during production and are manufactured under pharmaceutical, veterinary, and chemical supervision. Menforsan perfumes are therefore a clear choice for all those who want only the best for their cats, tailored to each cat.


Gentle and safe care

The composition is based mainly on natural active substances, which are combined with the most modern scientific knowledge for the best results. The products are very gentle and sensitive to all parts of the cat. They have a pleasant deodorizing effect and refresh your cat's coat. They also have a neutral pH and are completely alcohol-free. The perfume will not irritate your furry friend's skin.

Among the advantages of Menforsan products is a pleasant deodorizing effect - they are created in such a way as to provide a towering fragrance and a very pleasant intense deodorizing effect after bathing or between bathing. They do not contain alcohol and have a neutral pH, so they are not irritating and the cat will not sneeze after application.

And how to use perfume? Just spray it around the neck directly, or spray the perfume on your hands/brush and gently massage it into the cat's fur.

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