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Petkit Pura Max: smart cat toilet with self-cleaning

The revolutionary Petkit Pura Max is a self-cleaning automatic toilet that provides your cat with the highest level of hygiene. It offers automatic cleaning mode, scheduled cleaning mode, and manual cleaning mode. In this way, it ensures cleanliness and safety for you and your pet. You can easily connect it to a mobile phone using a mobile application for iOS and Android operating systems and accurately and carefully monitor your pet's health and habits.


When it comes to ensuring an odor-free home, Pura Max has many features to eliminate it. Choose from scheduled automatic deodorization via the app, or manually press the PURA MAX button to deodorize. Other great features include a removable deodorant to keep your home odor-free and a Smart Spray device that cleans the inner chamber after your cat leaves the toilet area. Pura Max is 25% off until the end of January, so let's see what it can do!

Safe and smart

The xSecure system consists of an infrared sensor, a weight sensor, and an animal detection sensor, and also includes a warning system and an accident protection system. Thanks to many smart sensors, you will be able to monitor your cat's weight, time and frequency of use, litter capacity, and much more. Full control of the smart toilet can be done with the free PETKIT mobile application.

Easy to use

Using the PURA MAX is very easy - just plug the toilet in and add the litter. The toilet uses a clear and intuitive OLED screen, which makes it easy to operate the cat toilet. To make it even easier for you, it is compatible with all kinds of clumping cat litter, such as clay litter, tofu litter, mixed litter, and more.

Saving time, work, and money

With the PETKIT PURA MAX you save time by not having to clean up after your pet by hand and you save money by not using a lot of litter. Thanks to the specially made TPE rubber, it prevents the soft stool from sticking to the cat litter, so it only removes the lumps and keeps the rest of the litter clean. The extremely large container allows for up to 15 days of use without replacement.

Modern design and lots of space

The toilet boasts a modern and elegant design that fits into any interior. It is equipped with a night light system, which offers your cat visibility during night visits to the toilet, even in the dark. You can turn on the light anytime, anywhere through the PETKIT app. The package also includes bright and colorful stickers that will allow you to decorate the toilet according to your imagination. The toilet offers a spacious interior for cats weighing more than 1.5 kg and over 6 months.


The toilet is very simple to maintain and take care of. The Petkit app includes video tutorials that walk you through step-by-step. The litter bag just needs to be replaced with a new one every 15 days and the litter added, the container for the Smart Spray device is inserted and replaced from the back of the toilet. The toilet can be wiped with cleaning wipes or the upper toilet cylinder can be rinsed with water.

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Petkit Pura Max automatic self-cleaning toilet for cats

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