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Why choose a Reedog harness?

Do you have a four-legged pet that really appreciates walks and different adventures? Looking for an innovative alternative to standard collars and leashes as a control solution during your walks together? If so, the Reedog harness is the ideal solution. The harness is designed for small dog breeds. They provide comfort and safety on walks. There are several great options available that are both practical and stylish!

We have developed the Reedog harnesses specifically for the safety of your dog. Even the calmest dogs with perfect temperaments can sometimes experience fear. In these situations, their behavior can become erratic - they may start to run away or react uncontrollably to other dogs or people. The Reedog harness provides quick and safe, yet confident control over your dog. We have all encountered an agitated dog. He may accidentally wrap the leash around his legs, arms, fingers, etc. and cause a spasm. Fortunately, harnesses prevent the dog from getting tangled in the leash.

You can more easily prevent your dog from escaping. A dog with a collar can get loose quite easily, putting it at risk of getting under a car or getting lost. With a properly fitted harness, the risk of escape is minimized. Plus, if your dog tries to get out of the harness during a walk, you will quickly notice. In the case of a collar, an escape situation occurs almost immediately and you may not have time to react. Get a harness to prevent your dog from escaping during a walk.

For health reasons, would a harness be a better choice for small dogs? As we've already explained, for a small dog with a sensitive chest or low-set neck (such as a pug or dachshund), harnesses can provide a sense of support that might otherwise be uncomfortable or sensitive to collar pulling. In general, the use of a harness reduces the pressure exerted on the small area around the dog's neck and transfers it to the back, shoulders and entire body. The force of the pull is thus applied to an area of greater surface area. The health of the neck and spine is not compromised by the harness. Tip - applies to both harness and collar Do not leave the harness on for too long, it should only be worn when the dog is out or on a walk.

Wearing a harness is also a form of stress relief for the dog Owners often find that their dogs start to feel more comfortable with the harness on. Wondering why? The answer is simple, dogs know that it means they are about to go for a dream walk.  There is no better time of day for a dog than an eagerly anticipated walk! It's also because dogs love the feeling of being wrapped up! By wrapping around the dog, the harness adds an extra sense of security and peace of mind. Dogs love this feeling, they feel like they're in their own comfortable den!

Remember to choose the right size. Choosing the right size dog harness is not difficult if you prepare yourself properly. Just measure the circumference of your dog's neck and chest. You will find several sizes with exact measurements in our range. Choose one of the many stylish designs, read the size and you can be sure of your choice!

Harnesses are designed to please your dog and you. Reedog harnesses have been developed in many colours and designs. Choosing a design should not be a problem, there is something for everyone. There are both muted and vibrant colors available to perfectly complement your summer style. Be your most fashionable walking friends!

The design is just an accessory. The most important thing is the safety and health of your dog. Choosing a dog harness can bring you and your dog many benefits, from better control and safety to greater comfort and visibility. Be aware of these benefits and place your bet on Reedog harnesses.