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How to travel with dogs and what to get him?

Dogs are members of many families and more and more of us are choosing to take a pet on holiday. This is helped by pet-friendly accommodation and a range of facilities that make the journey and stay at the destination hassle-free. You know that when travelling you need to be prepared for different scenarios, every trip is an adventure! In this article, we will focus on things that are obvious, but also things you may not have thought about before your trip. Every year, new products are coming out to make your life (and your dog's) even easier. Here are a few suggestions that have worked for us and simply make life easier when traveling away from home. Some of the items on the list are must-haves in our opinion, while others are simply useful.


Even if you rarely use a leash at home, it's an essential item when travelling in unfamiliar territory. It will also make it easier to control your dog during breaks in car parks. Most restaurants and attractions that allow dogs require your dog to be on a leash. Check out our selection of Reedog leashes for dogs of all sizes. Leashes are available in several lengths. Leashes are very important. They protect your dog from danger and give him sufficient freedom. Automatic leashes are fantastic for walking in areas with lots of space, you can adjust the length to ensure your dog has plenty of room.

Bowls for feed

Food and water bowls are essential when travelling with your dog. If the bowls you use at home are too bulky for travel, buy one that can be folded when not in use. Check out our range of Flamingo bowls that can be used for both water and food. The bowls are available in several sizes, making it easy to choose the right size for your pet.

Travel Bottle

An item that is easily overlooked when travelling is water for your dog. Even on a cold or frosty day, it can be easy for a dog to become dehydrated during a trip, as it can be a stressful experience that causes panting from stress. There is not always access to water in roadside parking lots, so it is a good idea to bring a special water bottle. Reedog Aqua Travel is a uniquely designed travel bottle for dogs and cats with a 550ml capacity, safety lock and quality seal. With the Reedog Aqua bottle you will ensure that your pets are properly hydrated even during long walks and car journeys. The bottle is ergonomically shaped so your dog will drink comfortably while allowing for easy handling. The lanyard can be attached to a belt or backpack. A 350 ml version is also available.

Food and treats

This is an obvious necessity and don't forget to take it with you, there is no time for experimentation on a long trip. Try to bring food that your dog is used to. A sudden change of food can have a negative effect on your dog's system. That's the last thing you would want when staying in a rented apartment or hotel! Some of our favourite treats include the Calibra Joy range. They have a good formula and can easily withstand the hardships of travel.

Coat brush

It's an obvious item, but it's worth bringing a hairbrush for convenience. If you have a dog with a short coat, this item probably doesn't apply to you. If you have a dog with a longer coat be sure to bring a brush. Even after a short walk in the woods or field, your dog may return with a collection of frills in the form of pine needles, leaves and other small items. It's also definitely better to brush the sand off the beach right away. You can find all the brushes you'll need when travelling with your dog here.

Seat cover

Seat cover. If your dog travels in the back seat of the car, you can buy him a special seat cover that will protect the seats and sides of the car. If your dog travels in the boot, you can buy a special version for the boot.  When you return from the beach or a walk in the woods or fields, you'll be pleased to have covers that prevent mud and sand and other debris from being spread around. The covers are available in different versions and sizes. You can easily fit the cover to your car!

GPS collar

Every dog or cat owner knows the feeling of despair and anxiety when their beloved pet doesn't come home for a whole day or even a few hours. Remember, it is much easier for our pet to find its way home where it lives. Getting lost on the road can have serious consequences, your dog or cat will become disoriented. Protect your dog by purchasing a collar with GPS. Tractive GPS collars can be activated for 1 month and you'll have peace of mind during your holiday travels. The app makes it easy to find your dog or cat's location on maps. Even if he runs away or gets lost, you will find him very quickly.