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Interactive fun for cats and small dogs: the Cheerble Wicked Egg

You're thinking of a gift that will delight your pet while giving her a dose of exercise. One hundred percent automatic interactive pet toy with treat dispenser. It swings, spins, rolls, lights up, makes sounds, dispenses treats.  Wicked Egg is designed to feed, entertain and train your pet in every way you can imagine.

We have tested this toy and are thrilled. We have a cat and a dog in the shop and both animals had a great time. They devoted all their energy to the game.  The toy allowed us to work in peace, my dog was attending to the toy at the time and I was serving another customer. The toy did a fantastic job. It is another product from this company that is perfectly made for pets. The Wicked Egg toy is worth checking out!

Now it's time to be specific. Our impressions after playing. First of all, we were surprised by the very solid material of the toy. We expected , that a larger dog would be able to immediately break this toy, break, but we were wrong, I realized that it is very high quality. It's also big enough that it won't fit deep enough in his mouth to really chew it up. That's definitely a plus for large breed dogs :)

In terms of functioning, everything is as good as it can be. The egg-shaped toy wiggles and vibrates, forcing the pet to propel it into motion. The sound of the toy is pleasant and does not scare the dog, but arouses his curiosity. Once the dog becomes convinced of the toy (he may need to be shown how it works), he won't want to stop playing. In addition, the pop-up treats act as a reward for the dog, encouraging him to play more and more!

The Wicked Egg also features a coloured LED light to further encourage your pet to play. It is also easy to keep clean, just wipe it with a cloth. You charge the Wicked Egg using the USB cable - after approximately 50 minutes it will be ready to use again. The device works for 10 minutes and then switches to sleep mode for another 30 minutes. Your four-legged pet can easily reactivate it at any time - just one touch!

The toy has 3 modes of difficulty to adapt the toy's action to your pet! Starter mode provides 10 minutes of fun, with each touch of the toy reducing the time by one minute. When the time is up, your furry friend gets a treat. When Starter mode becomes too easy, switch to the Advanced level - a 10-minute countdown where each touch takes 20 seconds off. In Expert mode, on the other hand, each touch starts a 10-second countdown before your pet gets a treat. Our tip on treat size - choose the right size, as small treats will fall out several at once, it's better to choose slightly larger ones so they fall out one at a time!

Overall, our pets absolutely loved playing with this toy. They chase it all over the store and pounce on it every time they throw out a piece of food. They are truly fascinated with it! It is really well made. The battery has a long run time. The surface is extremely strong and sturdy. Even our dog hasn't managed to scratch it yet.