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Patpet anti-bark collars B420 and B78

In 2024 we are adding 2 anti-bark collars to our range to help reduce excessive barking in dogs. If your dog is preventing you from working quietly at home, sleeping, or disturbing your neighbors, keep reading!

Patpet anti-bark collar B420 is designed for the smallest breeds. The receiver is an incredible 35 grams, if your dog is very small, this collar will be comfortable to wear. The collar allows correction in different variations: sound, vibration, impulse, sound+impulse, or sound+vibration, so you can adapt the type of correction to your dog's sensitivity. If your dog barks, the correction will come immediately in the form of the correction of your choice.

The Patpet B420 collar uses an integrated battery for power. If the collar is effective and reduces barking, it can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge, if the dog barks more often in the initial phase of training, this time may be shorter. The B420 is an effective and simple anti-bark collar for dogs, with the added benefit of an easy-to-read display that allows the user to adjust settings and functions. The display isn't the best quality, but that doesn't stop you from easily adjusting the functions, you can read all the information without any problems. You can change the sensitivity level to 5 levels. This protects you from the collar triggering other sounds in the environment.

This collar is not recommended for multi-dog households as the bark detection with the built-in microphone could turn the collar on when another dog barks nearby, but it is an excellent choice for howling dogs. The microphone detects howling better than the vibration sensors used in other models. Below is a brief comment from one of our customers:

I wasn't sure if it would work for my shi tzu (he barks at the neighbors). I got the smallest size and it fits my tiny 5 kg shi tzu. We have been using it for a few weeks now (I only put it on when I know he will have more incentive to bark) and it stops him barking quickly. We use the sound/vibrate setting and the static signal so we know when it goes off and it works. I would recommend it.

Patpet anti-bark collar B78 new among anti-bark collars combines vibration and weak electrostatic pulse. This model is particularly recommended for households with dogs and small children. This model does not have a sound correction. The sound could disturb a child who is trying to fall asleep or wake him/her from sleep. The Patpet B78 detects barking based on the vibration of the vocal cords. This is the most reliable and safest method of detection, eliminating triggering based on the barking of another dog. Therefore, the collar will not turn on when another dog barks. So you can use this model if you have more than one dog or if there are other loud noises in the area, there is no risk of the collar activating in response to any sound other than barking.

Due to the absence of a display, this is a collar that is highly impact-resistant, and all functions are set using a wheel and button located on the cover. Because of this, the collar works for a very long time on a single charge, so you won't have to constantly remember to charge it every day. You charge the collar using the included USB cable.

You set the pulse itself using the knob on the cover, which is a very easy way to set it up and no one should have a problem with a quick setup. The first level is vibration only, levels 2 to 5 are vibration followed by pulse. Level 2 is the weakest pulse, level 5 is the strongest.

You can use the collar outdoors due to its good water resistance, but we recommend removing it in heavy rain, remember that your dog must not swim with it. Overall, this is a very good choice for small to medium-sized dogs, customers praise the long run time on a single charge and the well-calibrated bark detection sensor based on vocal cord vibration.


If you are not sure about your choice, please contact us. We are experts who will advise you on the best choice for your dog and take all important aspects into account. After purchase, you have the opportunity to try the collar for 30 days!

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