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Revolutionary Dogtrace GPS collars

Taking care of our four-legged friends is absolutely essential for most of us. As technology advances, we are seeing better and more sophisticated ways to ensure their safety and well-being. One of these advances is GPS collars, which can play a key role in protecting and tracking our pets.


Features of GPS collars:

  • Accurate tracking - Dogtrace collars are equipped with an advanced GPS module that allows you to accurately track your dog's location in real time. This feature is especially useful when your pet is lost or during activities such as walking in unfamiliar terrain.
  • FENCE - Dogtrace collars allow the creation of a virtual fence. If your dog leaves the area, you will receive an instant notification. This is especially useful for dog owners who tend to get lost or wander too far away.
  • DIGITAL COMPASS - shows you north at all times. The N symbol on the display indicates the direction of magnetic north.
  • BEEPER FUNCTION - Can distinguish whether the dog is moving or stationary and allows three types of indication - visual on the display, audible or vibration.
  • WAYPOINT - Allows you to store up to 13 receiver coordinates and navigate to those points
  • CAR mode function - mode for using the receiver (handheld device) in a vehicle
  • Location History - many models of Dogtrace collars allow you to store a history of your dog's movements. This is useful not only for keeping track of where your dog has been, but also for analyzing their behavior and activities.
  • Waterproof -  Dogtrace collars are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, including rain and muddy conditions. This means your dog can be safe and monitored even in challenging conditions.


Dogtrace GPS collars are easy to use via a mobile app. Owners can easily track their dog's location, set safety zones and get an overview of their dog's activity right on their phone. This means that owners have all the information they need about their dog at their fingertips.

Signal and range

The transmitter obtains its position from GPS satellites and uses a radio frequency (RF) signal to transmit the position information to the handler's receiver. The receiver display can also be used to monitor the RF signal strength, GPS position accuracy, and battery status of the transmitter and receiver. All devices have a range of up to 20 km.

Dogtrace GPS collars are suitable for a wide range of dog breeds and sizes. They are ideal for owners who want to give their dogs more freedom during walks, while maintaining control over their movements.

There are multiple varieties of Dogtrace GPS collars on the market. You can find pure tracking devices like the DOG GPS X20 and DOG GPS X30, with training modules like the DOG GPS X30T, with a sound locator like the DOG GPS X30B or all three functions together like the DOG GPS X30TB.



It is a device used to locate up to 9 dogs over a distance of 20 km. The DOG GPS X20 is a pure tracking device without a training module. Up to 9 transmitting collars can be connected to one receiver.  The collar (transmitter) is the smallest and lightest of the competitive devices. It is also suitable for small dog breeds. It is not controllable by a mobile app.


It can locate up to 13 dogs over a distance of more than 20 km. The DOG GPS X30 is a pure tracking device without a training module. It is also suitable for small dog breeds.

 DOG GPS X30T – with training module

The device comes with a training module and can locate up to 13 dogs at a distance of 20 km. The training module allows the receiver to send a stimulation pulse in 15 levels over a distance of up to 20 km.

DOG GPS X30B – with sound locator

The DOG GPS X30B combines the function of a GPS tracking device with a loud audio locator for dogs with the possibility of using map data. Equipped with state-of-the-art high-sensitivity GPS technology, the locator allows you to locate up to 13 devices over a distance of more than 20 km. The volume of the audio locator can be adjusted in 4 stages and can be heard up to 300 m away.

DOG GPS X30TB – with training module and sound locator

The DOG GPS X30TB combines the function of a GPS tracker and a loud sound locator for dogs with the possibility of using map data. It includes a training module with the ability to send stimulation pulses in 15 levels. The locator, which is equipped with the latest high-sensitivity GPS technology, allows you to locate up to 13 devices over a distance of more than 20 km. Thanks to the audio locator you can identify the dog at a distance of up to 300 m.


Dogtrace is one step ahead:

  • Dogtrace GPS collars excel in several key areas that put them above the competition.
  • Greater Range: Dogtrace collars offer greater range for tracking and communicating with the collar. This is especially helpful if you are on large properties or in areas with poorer signal coverage.
  • Quick response: The technology used in Dogtrace collars ensures a fast and reliable response, which is especially important for real-time monitoring.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive controls make Dogtrace collars suitable for everyone from tech-savvy individuals to less experienced users.
  • Reliability and durability:Dogtrace is a reputable brand that has earned the trust of many dog owners due to its reliability and durability in real world conditions.
  • Support and updates:The Dogtrace brand is not only dedicated to product development, but also provides software updates and technical support to ensure users always have access to the latest features and solutions.
  • Battery life: the collars have a long battery life, so you don't have to worry about the battery running out in the middle