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We bring you quality, proven foam pads and mattresses for dogs that are easy to maintain. You can choose from many colours, shapes and sizes. Choose from a wide selection!

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Matrace pro psa Reedog Elis Red Cordura

Dog Mattress Reedog Elis Red Cordura

Dog mattress Reedog are comfortable, soft nooks for your dog. Choose from us the right mattress…
In stock 2 pcs
35.23 €
Podložka pro psa Reedog Beige

Pad for dog Reedog Beige

Practical Reedog pad for dogs can be used as a resting place in the garden, or you can use as a mat…
In stock 5 pcs
19.40 €
Matrace pro psa Reedog Plus Black ´n´ Black

Dog Mattress Plus Black ´n´ Black

Every dog should have its own little place where you can relax and will belong only to him.…
In stock 2 pcs
58.98 €

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