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BAZAR - iTrainer W227B

Used and unpacked product. There are several options, they can be selected from the list. The photos are illustrative and approximately correspond to the state. Below you can find a detailed description of each state.

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Product code: P13142
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

1) Unpacked

The device is only unpacked, or the packaging has been damaged and has therefore been repackaged in non-original packaging. The item has never been used.

2) Used*

The item has been used as a demonstration, in a store, or has been exchanged by the customer within a few days. May not have original packaging, at most a few light scuffs.

3) Lightly used*

The device has been used for 5 - 15 days, there are already visible claw scratches.

4) Heavily used*

The device has been used for 15 to 40 days, there are very noticeable scratches or teeth marks. It can be serviced, or refurbished.

* We only sell 100% working items that can be used just like new. For example, waterproofness and other features are always preserved. The warranty period for categories 1 and 2 is the same as for new goods, for categories 3 and 4 the warranty period is 12 months. The goods can be exchanged or returned within 30 days. Always include complete accessories unless otherwise stated.

Electronic fences iTrainer W227B is a basic device with standard features. At the base is adjusted total distance which is from 30 cm to 4m. Furthermore, from the base charged receiver (USB connector), it can also be recharged from any USB power (5V). The receiver does not have pulse strength settings, it is preset and suitable for small and medium breeds. The device is suitable for sensitive dogs.

Invisible Fence W227B is suitable for dogs from 3.6 kg. The maximum weight is not limited, but the condition is a more sensitive breed.

Zone settings

iTrainer W227B has sound and pulse functions. Sound is produced a few seconds before the pulse. The correction zone can be set from 30cm to 4 meters.


Correction type

iTrainer W227B doesn't have adjustable pulse intensity. It is more suitable for small and mid-sized dogs up to the weight of 20kg.



drát v baleníWire

Basic packaging iTrainer W227B contains 300 meters of wire, which is fully sufficient for most installations. If the wire in the package is not enough, it can easily be connected up to a distance of 600 meters. The packaging is a very fine wire, which is suitable mainly for the installation of a fence.


Battery and charging

Receiver iTrainer W227 is powered by a Li-Ion battery. It has an LED indication of battery and lasts 1-5 days in operation. The base is powered by the network. You can buy a backup power supply with a battery for operation during a power outage or unavailable network resources.



iTrainer W227B is waterproof. It is suitable for rain.  It can also be placed outside.


Number of dogs 

iTrainer W227B can be used for an unlimited number of dogs. With the purchase of other collars, you can simply expand.


Collar length

iTrainer W227B has a nylon collar. The dog does not have a problem wearing it. The collar length is adjustable from 20 to 55cm.




The base has a width of 10,9 cm, a height of 12,9 cm, and a depth of 4.3 cm. The receiver has a width of 6.9 cm, a height of 3.6 cm, and a depth of 3.6 cm and its weight is 58 grams.


The product is included in categories

Bazaar Fences for dogs

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Land 600 m
Frequency 12.8kHz
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs

Additional information


  • waterproof receiver
  • low cost
  • the increasing intensity of the impulse when approaching


  • larger dimensions of the receiver
  • longer electrodes
  • very thin wire
  • there is no setting of the impulse strength
  • short battery life

 Package content

  • The base
  • Power adapter for base station
  • Nylon collar receiver (replaceable)
  • The electrodes
  • 300 m wire package
  • A set (20 pcs) of flags for marking the area
  • 9V battery
  • The manual

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