Smart activity collars

You want to know how active your dog? How does he feel? How good sleep, her or his mood is? All this tells you smart collars activities.

These clever dog collars allow you to gain valuable information about the condition of your pet dog. They are drawn up and given the type of collar you should also tell if your dog rather lazy or active. Choose from our range of smart activities collars the right one!

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Pawbo iPuppyGo Pawbo iPuppyGoPawbo iPuppyGoPawbo iPuppyGoPawbo iPuppyGoPawbo iPuppyGoPawbo iPuppyGo

Pawbo iPuppyGo

You can easily monitor the health of your pets with the activity monitor from Pawbo. The lightweight and small iPuppy…

Power Baterie
76 € 63 € without VAT 10 days 17. 02. at Yours
ANIMO - activity monitor ANIMO - activity monitorANIMO - activity monitor

ANIMO - activity monitor

Animo is a professional activity monitor for your dog or cat. The monitor will give you the maximum overview via mobile…

Power Baterie
84 € 70 € without VAT In stock 7 pc 03. 02. at Yours

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