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Bowl with scale EYENIMAL 1 liter

Stainless bowl for dogs and cats with digital scale. It enables fast and accurate weighing food for accurate dosing. The volume of one liter bowl.

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Product code: P1558
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Stainless steel bowl for dogs and cats with digital scales. It enables fast and accurate weighing food for accurate dosing. The volume of one liter bowl.

Practical help for proper feeding, for quick and accurate ration.

There is no need guesswork or laboriously and inaccurately metered in jars, etc.  The digital display located directly on the dish, you just show the weight of the contents of the bowl. Weighing up to 5 kg and 1 g accuracy.

Not only that - you bowl just as simply and accurately communicate the volume (ml) of the two most commonly used fluid during feeding: water and milk. Simply press the corresponding button on the display.

This product has been in producer countries France awarded the Best Product of 2014 (Best Product of the Year 2014) granted by a French company Pet Franchise.

Package content:

  • stainless bowl with a scale EYENIMAL
  • original and Czech user manual
  • sales receipt with the particulars of a tax document

Note .: Batteries not included. They can be ordered separately.

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Pet Supplies Bowls, fountains and dispensers Misky S váhou Pets Bowls With the weight

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sizes For small dogs, For medium dogs, For cats

Additional information


  • Pet food in precise doses
  • Measures weight and volume
  • Instant check on the integrated LCD
  • Carrying capacity up to 5 kg and 1 l for volume
  • Uses both European and British measuring systems
  • High-quality stainless steel material


  • Batteries not included

 Package content

  • 1 x Stainless steel bowl with EYENIMAL scale

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