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PetSafe® Lite

Anti-barking collar PetSafe® helps to battle with the annoying barking of extremely sensitive dogs. PetSafe uses the progressive technology to recognize dog barking and howling. The collar uses the corrective impulse in 15 levels. The device is rechargeable and waterproof.

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Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
PetSafe® Lite
PetSafe® Lite
100.67 €

Product description

Anti-barking collar PetSafe® helps to battle with the annoying barking of extremely sensitive dogs. PetSafe uses the progressive technology to recognize dog barking and howling. The collar uses the corrective impulse in 15 levels. The device is rechargeable and waterproof.

Main function:

  • Recognize dog barking and howling
  • Gradual increase of impulse in 15 levels
  • The device is rechargeable and waterproof
  • LED battery status indicator
  • Long and short electrodes in the package


The characteristic and operation of the equipment

The PetSafe collar is charged and does not require any settings for its functions. Extra gentle transitions between correction levels is specifically designed for sensitive dogs. Two types of electrodes are included - for long-haired and short-haired dog breeds.

Thanks to a modern sensitive sensor, the device activates when the dog start to barking or howling. But at the same time the collar prevents unwanted activation because of foreign sounds.

Anti-barking collar PetSafe uses the corrective impulse in 15 levels. When a dog barks or howls, the collar activates the lowest degree of impulse. If the dog does not respond to the impulse, the stimulation gradually increases by one degree to the maximum level. In time, the dog feels the connection between the barking and impulse, the barking gradually stops.

For maximum safety of your dog, the collar is equipped with a safety lock and after reaching level 15, the device restarts. The collar also deactivates correction in case of continuous barking (after 1 minute and 20 seconds). The mode will be inactive for 3 minutes, and then it will start working again from the lowest level.



Barking detection

The PetSafe uses the progressive technology to recognize dog barking and howling. Barking or howling is recognized by the vibration of the vocal cords. The collar does not respond to the barking of other dogs.


Correction type

 The device uses an automatic boost from level 1 to level 15 to correct barking and howling. When the dog barks, the collar is activated at the lowest level 1. If the dog does not respond to the impulse and the barking does not stop, the device increases the impulse by one level (up to the maximum limit of 15). After that, the collar resets and remains in inactive mode for 3 minutes. If the dog continues to bark, the collar will  start functions again from the lowest first level.


Collar settings 

Anti-barking collars PetSafe collar corrects the dog's barking without the need for any settings. The impulse has an automatic settings (gradually increasing the pulse to the maximum level-15). After that, for safety reasons, the collar restarts. Also, the safety fuse is activated if the dog barks for more than 1 minute and 20 seconds


Battery and charging

The PetSafe collar is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charging the collar will take 4-5 hours.




The PetSafe collar is waterproof and can withstand even more heavy rain. This makes it suitable for home and outdoor use.



Thanks to extra gentle transitions between correction levels, the collar is suitable for sensitive dogs.



Collar length

The PetSafe Lite collar with a comfortable and light receiver is adjustable from 15 to 61 cm. Dogs have no problems with wearing this collar and it hold very well on their neck.


Weight and dimensions

The PetSafe Lite collar has a very light, comfortable and small receiver (5.5 x 2.9 x 3 cm), weighing only 48 grams.







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Anti-barking collars Anti-barking collars By breed For small dogs For medium dogs For large dogs For the biggest dogs According to the correction Electronic By waterproofness Water resistant Waterproof By brand PetSafe Anti-howling collars

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Detection combined
Functions Impulse
Pulse level 15
Waterproofing Water resistant
Power USB charging
Weight of the receiver 48 g
Dimension of the receiver 5,5 x 2,9 x 3 cm
Size Small dogs, Mid-size dogs

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