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Sureflap Microchip Cat Door Connect

Microchip Cat Door Connect for cats is the first battery-powered automatic door connected to a smart app for sharing, remote lock, and important notifications. Precise microchip scanning technology allows only pets you designate to enter. Individual settings for up to 32 different pets, connectivity from anywhere, and activity monitoring go far beyond what we expect from a conventional door.  Never again will an animal enter your home that you don't expect!

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Product code: P47472
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The SureFlap automatic microchip door for cats is the first door connected to a smart app. You can lock or unlock the battery-operated door at any time, even remotely! The door features accurate pet recognition technology with memory for 32 different IDs. You can also take advantage of other features like time lock, notifications of walks or pet activity, or share your four-legged companion's profile with friends. There are 4 lock variations available with settings for each pet separately. Thanks to progressive microchip scanning technology, no unauthorized animal will ever set foot in your home again! The microchip reader can be deactivated for normal mode. The door suits larger cat breeds and smaller dogs.


Main features:

  • Microchip sensing technology accurately distinguishes between individual pets 

  • It reads all commonly used microchip codes - 9, 10, and 15-digit codes most commonly used within the EU. Each pet microchip is associated with owner and address information in the TASS registry to identify lost or stolen pets and medical information.

  • Connect to a smart app - Connect the HUB device to your home network. The HUB then communicates between the door and your app via the internet to ensure smooth data transfer. What's more? The cheerful glowing tabs flash to indicate that you've received a notification. 

  • 4 locking options - Free entry, blocked exit - the pet goes in through the door, after which it remains blocked; Free exit, blocked entrance - the pet is free to go out, but the entrance remains locked; Time lock - you set the time for locking/unlocking the door in advance; Full locking of the door for entry and exit

  • Remote Lock - Tap a single icon to instantly lock the door wherever you are.  

  • Time lock - Set the locking schedule in advance and you don't have to worry about a thing! 

  • Ability to store 32 different IDs - Storing a multitude of different IDs in memory is a customized feature for multiple pet owners. Alternatively, it will also make the home available to your guests' pets when they visit.

  • High-quality backlit display - All your settings are available on the door's high-quality backlit display

  • Manual settings: you can switch the settings from automatic to manual and deactivate the microchip reader at will. The door then operates as normal.

  • Replaceable batteries - Sure Flap operates on 4 AA batteries, which will ensure the operation of functions for up to 6 months. The battery level is indicated by an LED icon.

  • Door dimensions - Outer frame (w 21 x h 21 cm), through-hole (w 14.2, x 12 cm), tunnel depth 7 cm


Only your pet will enter!

The microchip reader distinguishes exactly which pet is entering. Do wild animals from the neighborhood or pets from the neighbors invade your home? The first door linked to the app lets you freely set which pet you let through. The reader reads the microchip ID code and if it differs from your input or the pet is not chipped, the door will lock. The only key is your pet's correct microchip!



Reads all commonly used microchip codes

Within the EU, 9, 10, and 15-digit codes are most commonly used for microchipping. Microchips can be scanned with a reader and the code can be used to identify lost or stolen pets in a central database. The integrated microchip reader in your Pet Door Connect works in the same way, reading all of the above types of codes. It is a very accurate and reliable technology. Is your pet not or cannot be microchipped? Use the microchip tag and simply clip it to your furry friend's collar. Everything will be as it should be! Simply check your pet's microchip compatibility here at the bottom of the page.


Only you have the key to the door... remotely!

Using the Hub device, pair the door with the smart app and you have a remote lock at your disposal. Just choose whether to set the lock mode in advance or do you need to lock now? Tap a single icon to instantly lock the door wherever you are. With the Sure Pet Care app, every option is a breeze. Quickly and from anywhere!


A lock that allows you to do more!

Use the mode that suits your personal needs! A great app for your phone turns your pet door into a smart remote lock with settings. Select the lock mode in advance and you don't have to worry about anything! Choose: 1) Free entry, blocked exit - the pet goes in through the door and the door is locked after that; 2) Free exit, blocked entrance - the pet is free to go out and the entrance is locked after that; 3) Time lock - you set the exact time for locking/unlocking the door with any lock; 4) Should everything stay as it is? Tap to lock the door for both entry and exit.



Use the app to get useful information and keep in touch with your pet...

Are you interested in what your wanderer does and how often he goes for walks? Notifications will alert you on your phone whenever your pet uses the door. You know your pet best. However, as few people stay with their pets all day, notifications of any behavioral changes will make it easier to care for them. The onset of illness is especially subtle, and early treatment can make all the difference. That's why both monitoring for changes and activity sensing are invaluable. In addition, if you are traveling, the connection to your four-legged partner from anywhere is sure to be useful. In addition, you can create a profile for him and share various information with friends or groups.



4, 8, 12... or 128 paws crossing your threshold?

Up to 128 paws or 32 pets can safely pass through the door. So it doesn't matter if you have a single companion or a breeding station. The reader remembers up to 32 different IDs in memory for the safe passage of all pets.  You can set the mode for each one individually. The high memory is also handy for keeping your guests' pets moving freely during their visit.

All under your hand with manual adjustment

Switch to manual mode at any time and the reader will deactivate. After that, the door works as normal, without reading the microchips.

Do you still need to know how the pet gets used to the door and then it's decided?

Training will be fun and won't take too much time. Just focus on the natural curiosity and also the sweet tooth of your four-legged friends. Put the door in the space and call your pet. Place a few treats in the passageway and praise, praise and praise the animal for every progress! Well done! As it passes back and forth, the joy will be doubled. The same process can be repeated after installing the door so your furry friend knows which way the path leads.


Why is it great to own a HUB?

Not only does the device allow you to seamlessly transfer data for your app, but you can also add up to 10 other smart items, toys, and other conveniences and easily control them on your phone. Glowing tabs indicate notifications. Connect to your app wherever you are with a functional HUB.



  Door with microchip for cats Dualscan door with microchip for cats Door with microchip for dogs Door with microchip for cats Connect Door with microchip for dogs Connect
Compatible with common microchips (ISO certified) FDXA and FDXB YES YES YES YES YES
Compatible with Sure Petcare RFID collar tag YES YES YES YES YES
RFID tag on the collar is included in the package NO NO YES NO YES
Number of pets 32 32 32 32 32
Installation in wood, glass and walls YES YES YES YES YES
Door size (width x height) in mm 140 x 120 140 x 120 178 x 170 140 x 120 178 x 170
Door installation gap size (width x height) in mm 165 x 171 165 x 171 207 x 234 165 x 171 207 x 234
Manual door lock YES YES NO YES NO
Electronic door lock NO NO YES NO YES
Remote door lock, via app NO NO NO YES YES
Selective access to the house only for registered and selected animals YES YES YES YES YES
Selective exits only for registered and selected animals NO YES NO YES NO
Notification of selected animals entering or leaving the house NO NO NO YES YES
Integrated draft protection YES YES YES YES YES
Display screen NO NO YES NO YES
Time control and programming option NO NO YES YES YES
Batteries 4 x AA 4 x AA 4 x C 4 x AA 4 x C


A few installation tips

The door is compatible for installation with all commonly used materials. They are therefore suitable for installation in walls, wood, and, with the installation extension, also in glass. A tunnel can also be used for installation, which adjusts the passage by an additional 5 cm. The tunnels can be connected so that even special passage dimensions are not a problem. With the Sure Flap, your four-legged companion will be safe and the microchip will provide him with a reliable key to your home! 

Door installation

Installation in glass

The product is included in categories

Doors Door for cats

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Function microchip lock
Power Batteries
Colour White
Material PVC
Frame (w x h) 21 x 21 cm
Tunnel 7 cm
Flap (w x h) 14,2 x 12 cm
Size For cats

Additional information


  • Precise recognition for access to desired pets
  • Connection to the mobile app via HUB
  • Automatic or manual time lock
  • 4 locking options
  • Allows you to set an individual mode for each pet
  • Check activity, and behavior changes, and share the profile with friends
  • Remote lock settings in the app
  • Automatic or manual settings
  • Backlit display for checking data
  • Installs in all common materials

 Package content

  • SureFlap cat door 
  • Screws in 3 different sizes
  • SureFlap Hub
  • Ethernet cable (d 1.5m)
  • USB cable (d 1.5m)
  • Instructions

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