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Patpet 326

The safe and effective Patpet 326 training collar for dogs of all sizes and breeds has three training modes: sound, vibration and electrostatic pulse, which can be controlled in 11 levels. The collar has lockable transmitter buttons to avoid accidentally touching the function buttons. The collar can be used on up to 2 dogs at the same time with a range of 300m, is rechargeable and waterproof.


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Product code: P53503
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The Patpet training collar paves the way for a balanced and calm relationship between master and dog. With its unique technology combining 3 safe and effective training modes, it corrects inappropriate dog behaviour while ensuring the highest level of comfort and safety. Say goodbye to annoying barking, escapes and other harmful attitudes! The collar offers 3 training options: sound mode, vibration mode and electrostatic mode with 11 levels that you can easily adjust using the buttons on the transmitter. The Patpet 326 has a clear circular backlit LCD display that makes it suitable for training at night. A training clicker is also included, which will be another great help when training your dog. The collar can be operated at a distance of up to 300m and can be used for training up to 2 dogs at the same time. The controller and receiver can be charged via USB-C, which supports fast charging. The Patpet 326 is suitable for all breeds and all sizes of dogs from 6 months and 15 kg.



Range of the collar

The Patpet 326 helps you train your dog without using a leash up to 300 meters. This collar is suitable for both amateur and professional dog training.


Type of correction

The Patpet 326 electronic training collar has the possibility to use sound alert, vibration and electrostatic pulse as correction. The intensity of the pulses can be easily regulated on the controller in 11 levels, vibration and sound cannot be regulated.


Batteries and charging

The transmitter and training collar are powered by integrated rechargeable batteries. Fast recharging is via the dual USB cable included in the package. The recharge rate records 2 -3 hours to full recharge. In standby mode, the receiver then stays for 11 days, the transmitter up to 30 days depending on use.



The Patpet 326 dog training collar is only water resistant with an IPX5 protection rating. It can only be used in light rain, however, prolonged stays in water and diving are not possible. This makes the collar an ideal choice for basic use, but not for dog training in water. The transmitter has only the most basic water protection with IPX1 rating.


Number of dogs 

With the Patpet 326 electronic training collar you can supervise up to 2 dogs at the same time. Simply purchase an additional receiver. Then you simply switch between the dogs using the button on the transmitter.



The Patpet 326 has a high quality backlit LCD display which makes it suitable for training at night. The display has indicators for correction strength, battery charge status and an indicator for the selected dog.


Collar length

The receiver includes a strong plastic collar made of high quality materials with adjustable length up to 20 - 74 cm. The collar is suitable for all breeds and all sizes of dogs from 15 kg. Just cut off the excess part and adjust the length according to the length of the dog.


Weight and dimensions

Transmitter: width - 4,5 cm; height - 13,8 cm; depth 3,2 cm, weight: 77 g. Receiver: width - 4 cm; height - 7.8 cm; depth - 2.5 cm, weight - 122 g.



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Training Training collars By the breed Pro střední psy Pro velké psy By the range 0 až 300 metrů By the brand Patpet By the correction type Elektrické Vibrační Zvukové By waterproof Vodotěsné By number of dogs For 1 dog For 2 dogs

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Funkce impuls, vibrace, zvuk
Dosah 300 m
Funkce impuls + vibrace + zvuk
Vodotěsnost voděodolný
Displej LCD podsvícený
Hmotnost 0,54
Dosah 300 m
Počet psů 1 - 2 psy
Napájení nabíjecí
Síla impulzu 11
Výdrž přijímače 9 - 11 dní
Výdrž vysílače 27 - 30 dní
Hmotnost přijímače 122 g
Hmotnost vysílače 85 g
Vodotěsnost Voděodolný
Power supply dobíjecí
Antibark mode no
Receiver size (w/h/d) 4 x 7,8 x 2,5 cm
Transmitter size (w/h/d) 4 x 13,5 x 2 cm
velikost Pro velké psy, Pro střední psy, Pro největší psy



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Patpet 326

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