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Dog tracking device DOG GPS X30

A shortened version of the transmitter (collar) is suitable for smaller dogs with a neck circumference of 25 cm or more, for dachshunds, bichons, spitz, and others. The device uses both GPS location services and training functions. You can also control your dog via a mobile application for the Android or iOS operating system. Thanks to the application, all paired DOG GPS devices and their detailed information can be displayed on the map. The maps in this app are available both online and offline. The device allows you to locate up to 13 dogs at a distance of more than 20 km (depending on the terrain).

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Product code: P54422
Warranty: 24 months

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Dog tracking device DOG GPS X30
Dog tracking device…
623.38 €

Product description

A device used for searching (localizing) up to 13 dogs at a distance of 20 km. It consists of a receiver, which is placed on the dog's collar, and a transmitter (handheld device) in neon orange color, on which the handler monitors the distance and direction of the dog's location. This is an extremely shortened and adjustable version of the collar for dogs with a neck circumference of 25 cm or more. The shorter version of the DOG GPS X30 Short collar has a shortened rubber part of the transmitter by 5 cm. In addition, you can control the device via a mobile phone with the Android or iOS operating system or via smart watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 / Watch5 and other watches with OS Wear.

Features of DOG GPS X30 Short:

  • The smallest and lightest collar of competing devices

  • For dogs with a neck circumference of 25 cm or more, the transmitter itself is also shortened

  • The receiver can be connected to a mobile phone or tablet with Android or iOS OS

  • The application allows you to view all paired DOG GPS devices and their detailed information on an online and offline map.

  • The range between transmitter and receiver is up to 20 km in line of sight (depending on terrain, vegetation, and other factors)

  • 100% waterproof both receiver and transmitter

  • 2 modes of acoustic signal - silent/loud

  • Channel switching for communication between transmitter and receiver
  • Quick start of the receiver (handheld device)

  • Simple control

  • The receiver is compatible with X20/X20+ receivers (collars) (only some functions are limited)

A phone application for easy tracking of a dog

You can also track your dog in the mobile application, which is available for mobile phones with the iOS and Android operating systems. You can easily pair the receiver according to the simple instructions. The application then shows the location of your dog or dogs in online and offline maps and other details that the device captures, such as whether the dog is moving or standing still. The application will also allow you to display the FENCE function, i.e. alerts you when the dog is approaching the boundary of the pre-determined

Main features of the GPS X30 Short

  • The location of up to 13 dogs, handlers, or waypoints at a distance of 20 km is provided by the most modern technologies with high GPS sensitivity in both the receiver and the transmitter

  • BEEPER function - It can distinguish whether the dog is moving or standing still and allows three types of indication - visual on the display, sound, or vibration. For more accurate resolution, the motion detection sensitivity can be set to 0-9.

  • The FENCE function - notifies you when your dog moves away from the space you have determined for him. The limit is adjustable within a radius of 30 m to 2 km from the receiver. If the dog exceeds the set limit, the receiver starts to emit a sound signal (a long intermittent beep) and the circle under the direction indicator starts flashing on the receiver's display for this dog.

  • DIGITAL COMPASS - keeps pointing you north. The symbol N indicates the direction of the magnetic north on the display.

  • CAR MODE - mode for using the receiver (handheld device) in the vehicle

  • The WAYPOINT function - allows you to save the GPS coordinates of the place where the receiver is currently located. You can navigate to the saved point later. Up to 4 points can be stored in one receiver.

Pairing the collar

A long battery life 

Both the X30 GPS receiver and transmitter contain a Li-Pol battery that lasts more than 50 hours. The package includes a dual power adapter, and 2 pcs of USB cable with a charging clip for GPS. The device charges easily.

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Range 20 km
Functions GPS
Connecting GPS + RF, GPS + GLONASS
Sound level tichá/zesílená
Collar length od 25 cm
Waterproofing Watertight
Power Battery + charging
Colour orange
Transmitter lifetime 50 hodin
Receiver lifetime 50 hodin
Transmitter weight 192 g
Weight of the receiver 140 g
Size of the receiver 7 x 4,5 x 3 cm
Transmitter size 12 x 6 x 1,5 cm
GPS functions Compass, FENCE - circular fence, Geo-plot, Bark detection, Waypoint, BEEPER - standstill detection, Car mode, GPS, Mapy online/offline, Connecting to your phone
Electrodes Short electrodes

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